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Wednesday, June 22, 2011



friendship comes in all shapes and sizes
it is the family we wish we had

it is our inspiration
our accountability

there are times that we struggle with it
and those are the times, I have found, that you must remind yourself
that your friend may be struggling too

one day one of my best girlfriends and I were at an outdoor quilt show
she is 5'-0" olive skinned, I am 5'-8" and blonde/blue
someone overheard our exchange and asked, 
"are you two sisters?"
and before I could say a word, my friend simply and calmly replied,
"if she was my sister, I would have killed her a long time ago!"

have patience
and be thankful for whatever kind of friendship you have

for it is truly the best gift of all
that friend that makes us more than the sum of who we already are
and urges us to be more than we could ever hope to be


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pattern Giveaway WINNER!

we have a pattern giveaway winner

to our new sewing and quilting friend

next giveaway
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please check in with us again - this week!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sewing Day!

So many of us quilt.  We don't sew, we quilt.
Others started sewing, and then began quilting.
I started sewing and quilting, oh, I'd say, at about the same time.
I wanted to make quilts - meaningful gifts.
I wanted to make cool clothes.
You know, "one-of-a-kind-wear".
So when the Kwik Sew patterns that I had ordered at Market arrived
and the 
 Cloud 9 Organic Cottons.
I couldn't help myself.
Of course, I pulled out some tropical cottons, as well.
These patterns are a first for me (well, almost).
They are lovely.  Step by step instructions, and paper patterns.

So here are a few tips.

Trace the size you will be using, and leave the patterns intact.
Lesson number one.
Lesson number two.
Follow the instructions.  
Whether you might make it that way or not, follow the instructions.
Lesson number three.
A dress pattern, if short enough, can indeed be considered a top.
And lesson number four?
Well, be sure to share.
Share a good pattern.  Share a good fabric.
Share a day team sewing with a friend, if you must, to get your sewing done.
Or your quilting.
Or your knitting.
Then return the favour.

want to win a copy of the pattern
shown in "lesson I can't remember"?
become a facebook follower.
and a blog follower.
leave a tip
a sewing tip
in the blog comments
we'll announce the winner on Monday.