ISLAND HOME fabrics by Natalie Barnes from ANTHOLOGY FABRICS

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Guest Designer for Anthology Fabrics!!

Guest Designer for Anthology Fabrics


I could not have been more excited
(insert poker face here)
when the Windham Fabrics team
asked me if I would be interested in being a
(insert giddy face here)
Guest Designer for Anthology Fabrics
it was absolutely an over the moon exciting moment

and a great opportunity to be able to work with
who is the 
most organized
most precise
most magical
when it comes to working with the team in Bali
and having patience with designers
and who can turn a vision of fabric design into a hand made piece of cloth
after Myiesha works her magic
and the makers in the Islands work their own magic
fabric arrives 
and the sample making begins

many friends, many hands, many hours

the samples are made, and the photos are taken
and the Look Book is created
and the sales team heads out to meet with the shop owners
but when it is all said and done
the quilts are carefully folded up and put in a safe place
until it is time to show them again
maybe they'll be admired at Market
or at a Trunk Show
or in a Class along the way

maybe they'll go on loan to a quilt shop
when the fabric starts shipping in July/August

but until that time
they are lovingly folded 
as the precision and determination and dedication
of each Maker
is admired
(insert tears of gratitude on my face here)
Deb, Jane, Kim, Nicole, Robin, Scott, Teresa, Tiffany, Zina
the Anthology Fabrics team
the Bali team

with gratitude....

Sunday, September 30, 2018

time to talk real life....again.

it's sunday.
time to talk real life.

some days bring us shadows
that is, to point out the obvious, a part of life

we all have faced it at one time or another in our lives

but it seems we're in a culture where we are more rewarded
for being stoic, staying productive
keeping our head high
staying positive and joyful and happy
and moving on

I want to suggest otherwise
I want to suggest it's okay to be sad every so often
(rather than angry)
I want to suggest it's okay to be, as my neighbor said the other day,

be kind to yourself
give yourself space
and allow yourself time to turn your grief
into great stories about the person that make you laugh
or reminds you of the sunshine
instead of the shadow

quilters do that so well
we comfort people with quilts
we make pillowcases from happy fabrics

do something to honor that place of loss in your life
and give yourself a hug
that will be the best positive joyful happiest thing you can do


fly high, Pete

(look at it this way - you got an extra 30 years out of it - it was well worth the tradeoff)

Monday, September 3, 2018

Friends.....lessons from friends


lessons from friends

in the last few weeks
I have had the joy of spending time with friends

one of my friends
is my 90 year old neighbor, turned friend

the biggest lesson I receive
from spending time with this 90 year old is this
everything is a

this adult trike was hung with a small kids tricycle
an adult tricycle?!???

dinner with friends
the simplest of a bbq filled with meats and veggies
flowers from friends as a thank you
and carving time out of the day
to set up the chairs/table/kayaks
on the beach
for some time on the water
with people whose to do lists are longer than others'?
let's remember to stop
and carve some time out of the day
prioritize our to do list
to include some

have I made my point yet?
take some time for yourself
and remember to learn from your friends

leave me a comment below - we'll give away some more
Marcia Derse
Palette fabrics
what did you do this weekend to delight someone else?

Finally, congratulations to Pamela and Delaine 
for leaving comments chosen by the Random Number Generator
look in your mail for your Marcia Derse fabric bundle!


ps - if it's labor day 2018 and you're reading this
we're having a Labor Day sale
in our Etsy shop

20% off all goods listed in the shop
is the special code
good until tomorrow at 6am pacific time

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Homeward ....

 Homeward ....

new fabric - new release

it's that awkward stage
you've seen it before

the fabric is released, but won't be available for purchase
until much much later in the year

we're in that awkward stage
please meet

if you are a shop owner or a shop worker
maybe your sales rep has shown you this new line of fabrics
Here's the description - the inspiration behind these prints:

This new line of fabric is called “Homeward"…..My inspiration? That feeling when you’re on that last leg of “coming home”….
The long drive down the gravel road headed toward home….home to the things that matter most of all.  Grandma’s iris bulbs blooming at the front door, daddy’s rods and reels hanging on the wall in the den, and that good old dog standing on the porch, waiting to greet you….Tradition.  Spirit.  Home.

Pattern names were chosen to remind us of the simplicity of the spirit of home - "corsage, summer dress, chicken scratch, nest, front gate, family tree, hearth, brick porch and sparkle”.  

And colors are rich and varied.  Look for purple to teal to avocado, to pink and cheery red and a rich gold.  These colors, along with a group of black, white and greys will give you the right mix for any project.  Finally, remember to add the "special coordinating print" of florals.   You’ll have great success with your quilting projects, home projects and even garments!

I'm so proud to be designing fabrics for Windham Fabrics!!
you'll find all of the great quilts and projects
in the 
on the Windham Fabrics site

if you are looking for a place to purchase this fabric
(in January)
please let your local quilt shop know
you'd like to see
on their shelves!

remember, we'll be doing an online auction
for the 30" quilts
at Market (and probably Festival, too!)
so please keep an eye out on fb or ig or maybe follow along

take a look at the look book to see the 30" quilts
and the lineup of the Makers

Finally, I just want to say
how proud I am to have the chance to design fabrics for all of you
it is an honor

please leave a message below to let me know what you think
of the line
and include your opinion about
"that awkward stage"
(your comment will enter you in a drawing to win a fat quarter bundle
of Marcia Derse Palette colors!)


Monday, July 16, 2018

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing....

lessons from A Quilter's Affair in Sisters, Oregon
Jenny Doan

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jenny Doan
while I was teaching at A Quilter's Affair

What a pleasure, a privilege it is to just "chat"

And then.
Then she asked me.

"What's the next big thing you're doing?"

I froze.
What to say, what to say.
Told her about my upcoming fabric line with Windham Fabrics.
And we chatted about the upcoming event at Missouri Star,
The Birthday Bash.

As I was walking through the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show,
it hit me.

What my next big thing is for me, when I return home.

It is a visit with my neighbor and friend, Roger, 
who is turning a spry 90 years old this year.

is my next big thing.
We'll go for sour cabbage soup 
"it's only served on Tuesdays and Saturdays", he will remind me.

And then we'll take our weekly walk through Sam's Club
or Costco
We'll laugh and cry as we both tell stories about our pasts.
And we'll share wisdom of the ages.
He'll be polite and kind with my "energy".
He'll tell me to settle down a little bit
in the kindest way.
We'll joke about how much food we're both getting
and talk about the "best orange juice ever" 
from Sam's Club
(they squeeze it fresh for him)

And when I returned home
I realized also, what Jenny was telling me,
not asking me.

"What is the next big thing you're doing?"
She didn't want to know at all where I would be teaching
or if I was attending a show.
She didn't need to know where my travels would take me
or when my next fabric line was releasing.

She was coaching me, in the kindest of ways.
Same as my 90 year old friend.
Offering me some space to think about where my boat is pointed.
Where I'm headed.
The big picture.

Thank you, Jenny.
Thank you, Roger.

Thank you for taking time with me.
For asking.
And for gently guiding me along the way.

So, today, on this blog that is long overdue, I will ask you - 

What is your next big thing?


Sunday, March 18, 2018

On your "not to do" list

On your "not to do" list...

shorten your list

it was a goal I made at the beginning of the year
to post something "thoughtful" every Sunday
it seemed like it was "do-able"
just one small post a week
on a quiet day
just one.

(did you see how cool that was?  how the words made a flying geese?)

and in the course of two months, I have found a way to miss two weeks
of posts!

some times our to do list
becomes a big big thing
something we wake up to
and fall asleep thinking about
a big big thing

but tonight, yes, Sunday, yes, I'm writing to all of you
I am giving you permission
to shorten your list

to make a "not to do" list

to be a little kinder and more gentle with yourselves
to wake up excited for the day, and to fall asleep with a smile on your face
knowing you did everything you could
that day
to make it the very best day you could possibly have
(without measuring it by your to do list)

because we only get one - one day - every day
and then it is gone

so forgive me a post here and there throughout the year
and please....forgive yourself

if there are still dishes in the sink
because you read three books to your grandkids this afternoon
because you planted spring bulbs
because you cleared the snow from your neighbors walkway
because you (gasp) took a nap with a book on your chest

it's all a matter of perspective
(did you see what I did there with the dump truck photos?)

there are lots and lots of books published right now
on simplifying

let's start with our to do list

and move some of those critical items to our 
'not to do'

please leave us a comment below - what will you put on your
'not to do'


Monday, February 12, 2018

STITCH! and QuiltCon2018


(I love how his shadow in the water looks like a seahorse)

Please stop by the booth at QuiltCon2018
to have your picture taken with


ps - will you be attending?
please leave us a note in the comments to let us know....