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Monday, May 25, 2015

Flower Fields Giveaway(s)

f l o w e r   f i e l d s

f l o w e r   f i e l d s
Me + You
Indah solids


f l o w e r   f i e l d s

 some of you will like this version of this quilt

but others of you will like this
you know the fabric
it's woven
it's soft
it's hand quilt-able
and it has that woven shimmer that is just plain magic
and we were ready to talk about this next version of the new pattern
I asked her if she could leave
block unquilted
you know.
and that is when
this version of the quilt
became my favorite
now, don't get me wrong
the Indah Solids are lovely saturated deep crisp colors
it's good to connect with our projects
to slow it down just a little bit
even if it is
and everything that comes with all of that

it's good to stitch our hopes and dreams and core values and beliefs
into our projects
one stitch at a time

to tie it all together,
the binding for this quilt
was attached to the back, and folded over to the front
and stitched down using
"natalie's quilted binding"
(look for detail photo on the instragram feed)

as this is our last new pattern post, we're going all out.
we will be giving two select bundles of
two select bundles of
Indah Solids
we'll also be giving away
two bundles of select
Heavy Metal and Artisan Cottons
and it's all thanks to these wonderful fabric companies!

leave me a comment below
telling me whether you are a
"solid" or "artisan"
how you connect with your projects
are you hand quilting?
doing more applique?
are you embroidering your quilt labels?

ps - we'll be at Quiltin' Cousins this coming weekend
for the 
we'll be signing books
with Buddy-Dog
come say hello!!!

(I read a great disclaimer the other day on a giveaway.
It said, "I don't get paid, I'm not sponsored, or licensed or any of the likes"
It said, "the opinions expressed are my own"
it said, "other than the fabrics so generously provided by the fabric companies,
the rest is just me"
well, it sortof said that.
kindof like that...)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tattoo Giveaway(s)


t a t t o o

 this is a great pattern
it has a lot going on for as simple as it is
there are lines, triangles, quilted shadows of shapes, an organizing color/stripe

great quilting by
all representing island tattoos
the fabrics are
both by Marcia Derse - Bookends and Palette
and thanks to Windham
we have
of these stacks of 5 inch squares
to giveaway

here's another question for you
do you like slick/solid graphic prints
do you like sketchy painterly prints

leave a comment below
and remember, I'd love to have you follow
the blog
facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest
(we spend time on all of these posts!!)
as for tomorrow...
have a
t h o u g h t f u l
Memorial Day

Floats Giveaway(s)



this version was made from
Me + You
Indah solids and textures
and this version was made with
(in the UnitedNotions/Moda booth at Spring Market)
the great quilting is done by
this collection also has some of the prints printed on linen!
the bundle above is one giveaway
and this bundle is the second giveaway!

yes, this was yesterday's blog post giveaway
but remember
you have until Tuesday to leave comments on all five posts!

do you follow us on facebook?

leave your comment below and let us know
where you follow along
if you follow the blog
(the random number generator will select the winners on Tuesday)

I'd love to have you follow along....
it would really mean a lot to me 
why don't you try it for a while
sign up this weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Post and Beam giveaway(s)

meet our second new pattern

Post and Beam

fabric shown is

you may have seen this pattern version of this design
EE Schenck/Maywood Studios
in some of the Spring Market photographs

but you probably have seen this version of the quilt too
it was featured in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine special edition,
21 Best Tradition with a Twist Quilts
this version has a scrappy charcoal background
and a little
"kitchen sink"
thrown in
the accents are a bundle of little dots from

you can incorporate
a fabric line
with your stash!  with your scraps!

we'll be selecting two winners for this giveaway
Fresh Water Fabrics batiks bundle
"Cycles of Life fabric collection by Kristen Berger of Kite Flying Society for Maywood Studios" bundle
(bundle available mid june)
(thank you EE Schenck!)

leave us a comment
and answer the question:
what is your favorite scrappy background color?
neutral?  white?  black?  red?  beige?  or another color?
let me know!!
(and tune in tomorrow for a new pattern!!)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Merry & Mod giveaway(s)

Spring Market

it's true
we have new patterns
to be exact
and we'll be taking a look at each and every one of them
this weekend

Merry & Mod
has created a lovely set of fabrics
Mount Snow
is the perfect blender!
I have two bundles
to give away to two lucky people who comment
and tell me the following:
what's the next thing you plan on doing
on your
bucket list?

a friend wanted to name this

what's your YOLO moment?
we'll be announcing the long weekend's winners
on Tuesday

ps - have you left a review for the book
A Modern Twist?
please do.....
on either Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Martingale?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Not for the faint of heart.....


Spring Market, Minneapolis, Minnesota

quilt market prep
is not
for the faint of heart

most people think of seasons as spring + summer + fall + winter
but professional quilters think of only two seasons

spring quilt season
fall quilt season

these seasons coincide with Quilts Inc. International Quilt Market(s)

this Spring Market
I am so lucky to be speaking at a Schoolhouse about my very own book
A Modern Twist
and will be attending book signings
at your favorite Distributors' booths
and at the Martingale/TPP booth
you will also find me in my own Booth 323

I have been making quilts
from new patterns designed just for Spring Market 2015

writing patterns
after testing blocks, pairing them with new release fabrics
testing the blocks for color
making the quilt tops
(while correcting step by step instructions and confirming yardage requirements previously created)
sending the top to the fabulous Quilting is my Bliss quilter
working back and forth with Teresa to come up with quilting that is appropriate for the design
and binding, binding, binding
then shipping, shipping, shipping to meet fabric companies' May 4 deadlines

then there is the graphic designer
that has sent new business cards, catalogs, handouts, and book flyers
(along with the new pattern booklets)
to the printer

throughout the whole process
pattern orders must still be filled
bills paid, checks written
must go on
while this pic at first glance seems to say
 it struck me that this pic
really describes the amount of
 that the quilt industry designers
put into our work
patterns, notions, fabrics, books
quilts, bags, garments, homegoods 

a little bit of our life is poured into every design we present to you
so the next time you purchase a yard of fabric
a pattern
a book
please remember this picture
and remember to support a quilt you know, or one that is just starting out
a pattern is the cost of a deli sandwich
a book is only the cost of two (or maybe three) patterns
a magazine has many, many patterns in it for the price of a fancy coffee
or a few pots of home made coffee
fabric travels around the world to come home to your local quilt shop
for somewhere between 8-12 dollars a yard
a quilt will take you months to make
for the cost of about one four hour round of golf at a public course
won't you click on one of those links below this blog
and purchase a book from one of my blog friends
or from me.... 

quilt market prep is not for the faint of heart
  take some time to read
blog posted by Joanna Figueroa's husband 

(thanks, Vic, for house/dog sitting for me while I am away!!!)

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Modern Twist by Natalie Barnes

A Modern Twist

by Natalie Barnes with Angela Walters

we are the sum of our parts


it's something I think about every day
every morning that I wake
and every evening before I retire for the evening

we are truly the sum of our parts

if you have purchased a copy of my very first book
the first thing you will notice is that
the by line is shared with Angela Walters

and if you read the first page of script, you will find
"...we are the sum of our parts. 
We truly stand shoulder to shoulder, and we are better for it."

if you have ever attended one of my trunk shows
the first thing I will tell you
is that it was Jill Marie Landis that encouraged me to create 
beyond the reef

 when I look at the photo above, it is rich in color to me
I see gifts from Steve and Jill
and knitting I have shared with Lisa
I have candlesticks given to me on the Ranch
and shells from my ex business partner
I see trivets and coasters from other friends
and of course a lovely artisan piece
that was my mothers
the lamp, from my Aunt Laura
there are twigs, and a feather, and butterfly wings
all with a story to tell

even the hutch
was hauled home in the back of a truck with the help of my friend Anne
even tho she's in Buffalo, the times we spent together in the past
are still a part of my life today

A Modern Twist
just wouldn't be the same without the help of 
the same way that 
"..a quilt's not a quilt until it's quilted."

and you all know, in your own lives
quilting wouldn't be the same without the people you meet along the way
so the next time you pull out a piece of fabric
think about the person you were with 
when you purchased it

the next time you start to work on a swap mini quilt
think about the time you have shared with your swap partner

and the next time you are at a quilt show or a retreat
and you see someone sitting alone
do as my friend Leslie would
invite them to join you at your table
you never know
you might just make a friend for life

ps - want an autographed copy of the book?  visit the website.
or purchase any of the bookblogtour authors' titles
using the links below!!

want to hear more?
tune in
Monday 20 April
to listen to Natalie with
Pat Sloan!!