Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fun-Size Quilts! Giveaway

it's a proud moment
to be included in such fast company
Pippa Eccles Armbrester, Jeni Baker, Natalie Barnes, Melissa Corry, Elizabeth Dackson, Victoria L. Eapen, Debbie Grifka, Julie Herman, Emily Herrick, Kimberly Jolly, Thomas Knauer, Cheri Leffler, Missy Shepler, Rebecca Silbaugh, Jocelyn Ueng, Heather Valentine, and Jackie White

I have a quilt design featured in the new book by
Fun-Size Quilts!

after completing this fun quilt using

I thought I would make a different version
linens and neutrals
and hand quilt the project

it's nice to have a little hand quilting to pick up every so often
and these Fun-Size Quilts! are the perfect achievable project size for some hand quilting

is going to give away sixteen eBook copies of the book
so head on over to their site for more blog links

leave a comment here
for a chance to win an eBook

just tell us all the smallest 'fun size' quilt 
you have ever made
and the story behind that quilt
 here is one of the Jaybird Quilts designs
in the book
and you probably recognize these little guys, right?

it goes without saying
but I will anyway
gosh, I am so proud!!!

thank you
for the great giveaway

(winners will be announced
Wednesday 30 July)


Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July - Giveaway and Shop Discount!


it has been a great weekend
eating bbq and enjoying friends

celebrating independence

lots of yardage is on
and if you have been following along, there is an additional discount!

today's post, tho, is about doing something different
stepping out of your comfort zone

having a great time
this weekend

for me, this past few years, I have ventured out
I have become a Martingale Author
I'm so proud!

One of the books is

and this is a bundle of fabrics used in one of the projects

tell us all by leaving a comment and your email
what you have done
how you have stepped out
of your comfort zone this last year
for a chance to win the fabric

and please - tell a friend about the shop site
we'd love to have you give us a try....


yes, it's a BIG DISCOUNT!!!!!!!

is the special code to enter
after shopping our already discounted fabrics

hope you'll shop with us today!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Giveaway and discounts continue...again!

4th of July

the good news is that it's only saturday
there are really two more full days full of possibilities
before Monday arrives
with all of it's responsibilities
and to do lists

so what will you make of today?
how will you enjoy tomorrow?

and how will you carry a little bit of the relaxing quiet time
with you?

we have been having a giveaway weekend
each post, an opportunity to leave a message 
and have a chance
at having your name selected
and a lovely package sent to your door

the first day, I asked for memories
the second day, I asked for recipes

today, I ask you to leave a note
sharing with all of us
the most peaceful moment
of the holiday weekend

one of these beach driftwood 
lovely batik bundles of half yards could be yours!

today's discount code is....yes....


Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July Giveaway #2

The 4th of July giveaway 
and discount posts

How many of you have seen our pattern 
Thatch Roof?
We did it in these great colors from 
and two different batik lines

there is a little of this fabric left - fat quarter bundle
and it's yours if you're chosen

please leave a comment telling all of us
your favorite salad recipe
for the 
4th of July

and remember to have a safe and sane 4th


and for those of you that like to read to the end
each day, at the end of our 4th of July weekend series of posts
we will be adding a 'discount code'
for the shop site

there are some already fabulous sale items in the shop
but we're giving you one code per post
today's code:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4th of July - Giveaway and discount!

4th of July

where has the time gone?

Spring Market
has come and gone
and the new patterns are on their way to your lqs!

we have some
4th of July

to give away to two lucky people
that leave a comment on the blog 

in your comment
please leave a tale about your favorite
4th of July memory

one of my favorite memories was fireworks at the end of the street
everyone would bring whatever they had
and the "men" would be in charge
of figuring out how to make them sparkle and shine
when you're only in 2nd grade
this is a pretty spectacular thing

and let's remember
to celebrate


and for those of you that like to read to the end
each day, at the end of our 4th of July weekend series of posts
we will be adding a 'discount code'
for the shop site

there are some already fabulous sale items in the shop
but we're giving you one code per post
today's code:

Monday, April 7, 2014



I hope you are reading all of the posts on the
posts about
S H I M M E R!

(I'm gonna make you all LOOK!!!!;)

please email me your mailing addy
and I will pass on your info
Jennifer Sampou
Robert Kaufman Fabrics

and your precut of
will be sent to you!


Saturday, April 5, 2014


s h i m m e r

you can't say the word without thinking
about all of those great moments
in life

laying on the grass, looking up at the leaves dancing on the breeze
sitting on the old wooden pier, watching the sun on the water
or, toes in the sand, watching the sun set on the Pacific
Jennifer Sampou
Robert Kaufman Fabrics

created a really wonderful new fabric
s h i m m e r
Shimmer Fabric by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman
I wanted to know more about the person behind this unique fabric design
so I asked if Jennifer would answer a few questions:

1.  Dog or cat, whale or dolphin, rose or orchid, and why? 
Used to be dog. Now cat. Result of living with 3 boys :). 
Whale- So incredibly impressive in size...And their plight is powerful. 
Orchid -complex and rare. 

2.  Favorite cookie (that you remember from your childhood)? 
Easy peasy- My mom's peanut butter cookies. It's my favorite kind to make with her. 
Who can resist the rich peanut butter and iconic fork mark. 

3.  Travel by camel or by horse, and where were you?  And if you haven't yet, which would you choose and where? 
Done both. Camels though exotic especially at sunrise in Egypt, I prefer horses. 
I love to gallop and they are such gorgeous, perfect creatures. Patagonia, Andes Mountains, Argentina and San Migule de Allende, GTO Mexico. 
All with my family and close friends. 
Pretty divine. 

4. did you choose the name for your new collection?  (With the exception of the obvious....) I thought about Glimmer and also Shine...but Shimmer is best because you got to "pucker up" to say it. 

5.   You always keep it fresh.  Do you a.  Read  b.  Sketch and journal  c.  Photograph a multitude of things d.  Meditate or otherwise 'rest' your mind between collections? 
Thank you. It's easy for me... My constant is change. I am not a creature of habit. 
I am curious.  I love to experience new things. Bit of a wanderluster! 
I do yoga and exercise regularly and meditate when I am feeling unbalanced. 
As much as I enjoy people, I also love to be alone, especially in nature. 
I don't know what it's like to be on autopilot....that phrase always hit me in a funny way. 

6.  What edible are you growing in your garden at the moment? 
herbs- cilantro, parsley, basil, chives.

7.  Who are you listening to at the moment? 
My tastes vary extremely. Right now? Ozomatli. 
Great dance music.

8.  Who are you reading at the moment? 
The Divided Mind by Dr. John Sarno. 

9.  Favorite veggie? 
A perfect heirloom tomato right off the vine, slightly warm from the sun. 

10.  Favorite ravioli - or are you a candy junkie? 
What can I say....Good ole California See's nuts and chews have been my favorite since 1988, the year I moved to San Francisco from Boston. 

I also had the pleasure of working with these beautiful fabrics
I wanted to make something that would showcase Shimmer
so I worked on a
colorBlock tote and clutch
with plenty of room for everything you'd want to bring home
from your local farmer's market
(it's a bag in a bag!)
If you'd like to be included in the giveaway for the fabric bundle, please sign up for Jennifer's mailing list, and leave a comment on her blog before the end of the blog hop (see below).  Let her know which projects you liked the best, and which project you'd like to make for yourself or for a loved one.

There's also a charm pack giveaway for people that leave a comment
here on this blog
what do you think of when you hear the word
s h i m m e r?

please remember to check out all of the great posts
on the blog hop
and for more inspiration
check out this great Look Book
finally, if you'd like to order fabrics now
is taking advanced orders!!
thanks again to 
for this special opportunity