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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Latifah Saafir !! one of "my nine"....

Hand Maker giveaway

Latifah Saafir Studio post is here....

maybe you've already heard this story
but I want to tell it again

Latifah tells it best, so I will try to do it justice

Latifah and Natalie
have been getting to know each other at the quilt shows
always with a smile, a hug, a "how you doing"
and one day
"I'm looking for a roommate for Houston Market and Festival
do you know anyone?"
and Latifah answers,
"I might...."

little does Natalie know, it is Latifah!!!!
This is where Latifah usually inserts into the story,
"Well.  You know......
it could have either gone really well, or incredibly bad....."

and then she pauses.

Then she smiles.  THAT smile.

and then she lets me off the hook by saying
".....and it went incredibly......well."

fast forward past the slumber party style late nite talks
and the family gumbo recipe share moments
to fabric

well, of COURSE
I was going to ask her to be one of my nine.
and she said yes.

and because she is who she is
she hand delivers not one
but two
quilts to me

"I'm just not pleased with how this one came out
so I finished this other one."

thank you
for being one of my nine

as you have heard from others on the tour,
it wouldn't be a blog tour without some info about
the fabric

please leave a comment about
(just that, please, just that)
here, on this post

to be entered to win a complete set of
Hand Maker Fabrics
by Natalie Barnes
(that's me)

(I will announce the winner of the fabrics, here, on December 15 Wednesday)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hand Maker fabrics!

Hand Maker fabrics

blog tour

it's true!
is arriving in stores as we speak

at Spring Market
Windham Fabrics invited the fabric designers to be a part of
the Windham Fabrics booth
it was important to me to show the work
of all of the people in my quilting life that have been an inspiration
been supportive
"we all get there together"

and so after nine quilting friends said yes
the grid wall became a reality
these are my nine

as life would have it, the other thing that happened 
was that during a file transfer from camera to computer
all photos from May through end of July
became corrupted
so I send my apologies to Angela Walters whose quilt
is behind the fabrics at the bottom right

each of "my nine"
agreed to post on the specific date
to tell you about their project - their pattern - their product - their design

while this blog tour kicks off the Hand Maker fabric
it's really all about "my nine"
and how thankful I am to have each and every one of them in my life

so please
head on over to their blog and leave a comment
click on their Facebook and instagram pages and like or follow them
(and me)

I'll post a reminder each day on my Facebook and Instagram feed
let's show these nine
how much we appreciate their creative spirit
and willingness to be a part of the

Saturday 03 December 
Natalie Barnes +

Ann Shaw +

Sunday 04 December
Angela Walters -

Monday 05 December
Amy Ellis +

Tuesday 06 December
Julie Herman +

Wednesday 07 December
John Q. Adams +

Thursday 08 December
Latifah Saafir +

Friday 09 December
Rose Hughes +

Saturday 10 December
Jenny Pedigo +

Sunday 11 December
Cheri Leffler +

Scott Hansen +

in addition to "my nine"
there were quilts by many people at Spring Market
and I want to thank each and every one of them
please visit these designers' sites, too

f a b r i c    g i v e a w a y

it wouldn't be a tour without the fabric, now, would it?
so each blog post host will randomly select a comment contributor
to receive
a Hand Maker fat quarter bundle 

so let's live up to it

please show "my nine" how much you appreciate
how they inspire you

and if you make something
post something
we want to be inspired by you