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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Love is easier than cooking rice...

Love is easier than cooking rice???
WHAT is she talking about?!???
I posted this blog mid July and deleted that post.  Now I'm writing it again.  Re-writing.  Re-thinking.  Re-vising.  As some people wish I would do with my rice cooking, I'm sure.

I had a friend of mine read my last (and now forever deleted) blog.  She came to dinner during the Long Beach Quilt Festival (Quilts, Inc.).  She came with a gift.  She came with a rice cooker. 


Because, you see, the last blog was about being able to ma a whole quilt full of 54 piece quilt blocks but not being able to consistently make good rice.  Certainly there's a life lesson in here somewhere, right?  A quilting lesson?  Slow and steady - easy does it - practice makes perfect - something, right?

I always cook a little extra...there always seems to be left overs...for a friend of mine - I told him the other day, "You're always so honest about my cooking - nat, you burned the rice/nat, the rice is perfect/nat, not enough water in the rice."  That's why I love him.  He keeps eating my rice.
And that's why I love all fo the friends that come to my table - they're honest about my cooking.  AND my quilts.  We had a full house the other nite during the Summer INternational Quilt Festival in Long Beach.  Harlan from Harlan's Glass Beads joined us too. www.harlanbeads.comField of beads I cooked a double batch of rice.  Not just a little rice, but a whole double batch of undercooked rice.  And at the last minute, the woman who gave me the rice cooker poured more water in the pot.  Sticky rice we then had.  Can you imagine sticky brown rice?!???

And like my friend that is so honest about my cooking, the rest of my friends did the same as he would have.  What unconditional acceptance.  What unconditional love.  That I would cook for them, and that they would love me regardless of my rice.

On the other hand, I do have to give myself credit and say my 80 year old neighbors (and my rice buddy) have told me I have a new 'best of' when it comes to cooking - well, baking.  My muffins.  "COCONUT LOVE"  is what they are now called.  
So.  If you can't make a good dinner, make a great breakfast!!!

Thanks for thinking of 
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f



Anonymous said...

You also make a great lemon grass soup or some kind of lovely soup that's Thai or whatever. I think posting recipes is alway a fun idea. Hint. Hint.
Thanks for the party!

Anonymous said...

hey natalie-
harlan came to dinner one night at my house too. had a group over after the show one day.
did you go to houston?
missed you if you were there...busy and was by myself so didn't get out much..
im doing road in jan. and saw you on the vendor list...