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Monday, August 11, 2008

"Let the beauty we love be what we do." - Rumi

"Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened.
Don't open the door to the study and begin readying.
Take down a musical instrument.
Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don't go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the door sill where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don't go back to sleep."  - Rumi

Okay, the cat is out of the bag.  I am a student.  Of many things.
I am a student of yoga.  I am a student of life.  I am a student of people.
I am a student of dating and appraising quilts, too.  By the way.

So in my yoga class this last Sunday morning, this poem was read - well, just this part of the goes on.  I found it of interest that when we are 'so into our head' that instead of going into our head again, that we are to use the OTHER side of our brain.  Reach for something CREATIVE not CEREBRAL.  
Good thinking!  

I like this.  A lot.  And the part about not going back to sleep to.  The door is OPEN.
How many times do we get to a part of a quilt, project, time in our life, whatever, and we want to 'go back to sleep' about it?  Oh, I know for a fACt.  When I'm trying to finish something, and I run out of bobbin, that's where I want to go.  Or I sew the last square together and the bottom fabric has shifted and now it's not square, or well, you get the point.  I want to 'go back to sleep'.  I don't want to sit and figure it out or get up and go for a walk and come back and finish it correctly - fresh.  I just want to 'go back to sleep' forgetting that the door is open still.

So, while today's blog is a small one, it is packed full of good idea.
When you wake up 'empty and frightened', don't get sucked into your head - reach for something creative.  And when you want to get into your head, just don't.  Don't over think it.  As a song writer said, "Darlin' do not fear what you don't understand."  

And when we choose to do something, let it be what we love.

Finally, listen to the secrets whispered only to you.  
And ask for what you really want.
Go through that open door.
Don't go back to sleep.

Thanks for thinking of 
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f



John H said...

Can't wait to see all the great blogs in the future....

Jill said...

Such fun to get to leave comments, too.
What a lovely remember the door is open and stay creative.
A hui hou,
Jill in Hanalei