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Monday, November 10, 2008

creativity is messy

Someone recently asked me how I create.
I am a quilter, and  I had fabric spread across the worktable.

How do I create.

So I responded quickly - looking down at the fabrics we had chosen - two different themes of fabrics,
"It's messy," I replied.

And then, before I sat to compose this entry, I realized, 

All art is messy.  Painting.  Ceramics.  Sculpture.  Collage.  Performance Art.
As designers (of anything, I believe) we need a lot, we have to pull a lot, we have unlimited choices of whatever it is we're doing - working in.  And we want to see it all, consider it all, try it all, and throw half of it out (or maybe more than half some days).

And in return, life is messy.  Our friendships are messy.  There are so many choices out there.  Who do we invite in?  What do we keep, what do we set free, or set aside for another part of our life?  How do we create a life? Life IS a blank canvas.  I think, if you have been reading along, you will know, I do morning sunrise prayers and evening meditations.  Every morning I ask, I plead, I call upon the Great (for me, God, for you, your choice), "Show me what it is that you would have me do today."  A blank canvas.  Every day.  Or as my yoga instructor says, "Begin again".  Except he might say it three or four or eight times in an hour and a half class.  BEGIN AGAIN.  Create again.  Messy.  And maybe, in life, we're really looking for someone that we can 'be messy' with. A safe place.  Like Creating.  Art.  (oh, yea, where were we....)

And so in this very short blog about, probably, you will say, not so much about quilting (however, I would say, read it again...) quilting is messy.  art is messy.  creating is messy.  life is messy.

How fine to be creative.  Messy is good.

Thanks for thinking of
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f


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