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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve is sparkling - shine

There's not much of Christmas Eve left in the day.  It's almost Christmas Day.  But Christmas Eve is still sparkling.  Did you make your gifts?  Did you sew, knit, cook, bake, wrap, trim and craft your way into the hearts of your friends and family?  I hope so.  Because this moment, this one, shining, sparkling moment is only here for a moment.  And then it will never, ever be again.

No, there's not much more of Christmas Eve left in the day.  Share it, as my friend David would say, "...with quality people."

hULa did.  She started the day right - sharing and playing and smiling at her good friend Peanut as the sun rose over Saddleback Mountain.  (later in the day, there was snow on Saddleback...a very low mountain to have snow)  She shared of herself, too.  She and Peanut both took turns running for hULa's tennis ball.  There are those friends that share, that greet us at sunrise with a smile and with their hULa tail wagging, and then there are those that when we greet them, growl at us.  Not hULa.  Not Peanut.  They know that the moment only lasts for a moment, and then it's gone.  That friendship is precious.  And tender.  That it's better to be greeted with a smile than a growl.  That every good moment in our life is fleeting at best.  

As my friend David would say, "Spend time with quality people".  (yes, that's twice I have said it)  hULa definitely knows this lesson.  When in doubt, think like your dog.  

I said I would share the story about Hanukkah yoga - but I think I will save that story for another day.  It is a story of the lighting of the first candle.  Of standing with our own two feet rooted to ground and raising our own two hands to become that light - rising out of ourselves, reaching, growing, shining.  It is a story of going deep down into the dark of winter solstice and coming THROUGH that darkness into the light. It is a story of focus and determination and sweat and tears and, as my friend David would say, "spending time with quality people".  (last time)

So, it's almost Christmas Day, technically.  So sparkle a little longer.  Dare to Love.  Love with a little more abandon.  Dance a little more.  Smile a little more.  Wag your hULa tail a little more.  Don't be the person that goes through life growling and criticizing and always finding or looking for disappointment.  Look for the sparkle. Better yet, BE the sparkle. 

As my good friend - (hah, got you) ANDREA told me just the other day, "Go glitter, or go home". 

I think she really meant so much more know.

Sparkle and Shine.



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