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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Give of Yourself

Well, it's that time.  Time to realize that the December holidays (okay, yes, all of them) are just around the corner.  For me, I celebrate Christmas.  Santa Claus. Believe.  Oh, well, okay, just believe in something...won't you?

So every year, my Quilting Friendship Group comes to the house for a formal Christmas Dinner.  Turkey.  Gravy. Mashed potatoes.  Yams.  Stuffing.  Sparkle. And the warmth of a roaring fire in the hearth.  Oh, and
champagne.  Did I mention champagne?

Every year my friend Karen knows that when I can't finish what I wanted to say at Grace (because of the tears of gratitude (see Thanksgiving's post), that she is supposed to kick in and finish.  Every year Karen and Sheryl know that they are 'second at bat' in the kitchen.  And every year Nada knows she's third at bat in the kitchen - oh, that clean up.  But Nada, in her day, ran a fishing boat in Alaska, so she can pretty much do whatever she wants in my kitchen (and at well into her 80's, I might add, I take notes when she does).

And so, I set a pretty table.  And I put the music on.  And I 
build the fire.  And we exchange home made jams, and hand embroidered kitchen towels, and made from scratch chocolate chip pound cake, and fabric - yes, lots of fabric. Because we are quilters first and foremost.  Applique is our theme.  Altho we do a lot of pieced quilts too.  Most of us are on the quilt show committee and the rest of us pitch in around town for other quilting events.  

Wait.  The pie.  The pie.  Want the pie recipe?  It's Maple Pecan Apple Pie from Esalen Cookbook.  (see the info on the side of the blog) 

But I am wandering.  What I really wanted to say is this - hey, you've got three (count them THREE) weekends before Christmas - two and a half before Hanukkah - and you've got fabric, I know you do.  So make your presents this year.  Put some scented oil on some lavender in an eye pillow.  Make a window or door draft 'snake'.  Go to the website and pick up a teddy bear pattern and make a stuffed bear in red and green or blue and white.  There's time to make your presents this year.  Forget the fact that it is going to help your savings account.  Do it for the right reason.  The person you give that homemade item to is going to cherish it!!! 

And I have one more holiday idea - look through your collection of collectibles.  And match just one thing of yours with one of your friends' collection.  Now put it gently in tissue and place it ever so carefully into a box.  Say goodbye to it, but tell it you'll visit.  Close the box.  Wrap it in paper.  Put a tag on it.  Put it under the tree.  Give of yourself this season.  Make something, or give something precious away.  Give of yourself.

Thanks for thinking of
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f




Jenny said...

Your quilts are beauiful. I am a reef aquarist, so I have a special love for fish in general. Check out my website if you have a chance:

Jill said...

Lovely photo from dinner. Ahh, the pie. Be, do, create.

Create new harmonies, new realities, new paths to honor that which we do believe in. All things are made new again.

Speaking of making something, I made the soup recipe. YUM. Of course, deviated by adding a firm, green papaya as the substitute for the eggplant/zukes. It made it a bit sweeter but sooo delicious. (That's what I had on hand.)
Thanks for the recipe.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Hi Jenny - Hello Jill!
So glad you're joining in. Please check with us again.
So love that you realize, Jill, that the soup can be anything you choose to make very 'beyond the reef patterns blog' of it...

Thanks again to you both!