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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One project after another...


Welcome to the beach cottage.
You may have wondered where I have been.
Well, about two months ago, I sent out a Survey to my quilting emailing message sending friends and asked them about a place where quilters can come and stay and play.
And they said

So I created it.
And just in time!!
It started pouring rain here on the coast just about a half hour ago.
Thank goodness the trash has been hauled and the cardboard boxes put in bags.

I do have to say thank you to my contracting team, Ben and Phil.
For their patience with me.
And for teaching me the value of a good quality paint brush.

I also have to thank Glenn and Laura for their pitching in a few beds and tables.
And for Laura's great 'eye' - "should I put this here or there" kinda thing.

And for Norm's help climbing the avo tree to artfully thin it, not butcher it.  To let light in and to give the tree less 'sail' so it didn't lean with the prevailing winds.

And to Lisa for the last minute push to clean the closet shelves, and make the beds.
Good job, Lisa!!

And while I know you don't want a sales pitch in your blog following I just gotta add:
property #59945
...check it out, and won't you come stay?
Quilters, contact me for your specialty package.
Fat quarters on your pillows, and machines, notions and other goodies for YOU!!

But now, it's on to PIQF in Santa Clara.
"Do you know the way to San Jose"
So, my next post will be wednesday nite, after setup.
Pics of the booth!

See you soon.



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