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Friday, March 12, 2010

Other Peoples' Fabrics

There is just something about other peoples' fabrics that make you love them more than your own.
Even if they are the same exact shades and colors of your own.
That Kona Cotton?  That Kona Crush?  Those Robert Kaufman geometrics? 
But when the bee beautiful March package came in the mail....
Well, heck.
I gotta tell ya.
I love these colors, and grey has become "my new black", as you all know. 
I mean, cmmon.  This is a quilt top I made in December for the kits we introduced at Road to California.

But still.  It was other peoples' fabrics!!!
Then came that moment that I realized the instructions called only for right angles.

So I went to the drawing board, and took more fabrics out of that delicious package of 10" squares that Julie brought me, and started experimenting.  And now it's March 11 and I'm still experimenting.
One of my 'correspondence quilting friends' said, about the block above,
"I think you just need more of these blocks..."
I dunno.

I have one more 'right angle' trick up my sleeve before I cut into those beautiful
"other people's fabric"
I'm gonna work on that idea, and post it tomorrow.
In the mean time,
I'm all ears if you have any 'right angle' suggestions!

Until then, whether you're enjoying other peoples' fabrics or enjoying your own,




angela said...

I'm tricky tricky! I love that little test block, though. And remember, it doesn't even have to end up a square - rectangle is good too.

I say piece away - add some if it needs it, chop some off if it's too big!

jaybird said...

i have so many ideas.. that i haven't done a thing yet!! but i do love the make life in the "sample blocks" beautiful!!

natalie. beyond the reef said...

And thanks to YOU, Julie, that fabric is mine, mine, mine! Angela, that is just a detail of a 12.5" block...with you in mind...

Anonymous said...

I like the first pictures color combination and fabrics. I never really would have thought of those together.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

...that's Angela for you!! She picked those (and others) for us all!