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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bee beautiful inspiration

I think you might have remembered me saying that if you want to further your quilting skills or your techniques or your points or your embellishments or your, well, you know...
join a quilt guild

but there are times that doing so is impossible
you don't live near a city
or you just don't have one or two or three evenings a week
to participate in person

when julie asked me to join this bee
I was unsure how I might get to know 11 other women across the nation
not only have I come to know them,
but I am inspired by them every day
I read their blogs, I receive their fabrics and ideas
and they inspire me

so when I went shopping for

and Julie said, what are you gonna make?
well, I remembered that charity star quilt block we made
it's liberated stars from Gwen Marston's book
take a chance
try something that you're not so sure of
I can only tell you that in this case
it has been - and will continue to be
a bee beautiful



1 comment:

jaybird said...

i'm glad you did!!! you got a super beautiful quilt as a result!!