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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Joy of Gardening

...all of the berries are ripening at the same time...
or so it seems.
two rows of bramble - about thirty feet of berries
and that's not counting the strawberries
so I had this idea for some 'breakfast pies' of mixed berries wrapped in pie crust
to the garden I went

but look what I found!!!

gardening will bring you many pleasures
and lots of inspiration for your quilting
I'm thinking eggs, chickens, little birdies
happiest days




mascanlon said...

Wish those berries were in my backyard...and that sweet little face too.

Nicole Morris said...

Baby bird! What a special surprise!

Jane St. Pierre said...

It's such a treat to get a surprise like that! Hope Buddy doesn't find the nest.

We noticed a Great Horned owl in the pasture last week, the next night, she brought her baby to feed. We got some great shots with the zoom lens, and it made our day.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Thanks for sharing - Jane, an OWL!!!!