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Monday, June 7, 2010

New. Fabric. Designs. Lifestyles.

New Fabric.

There's just nothing like it.
It almost cuts differently, doesn't it?
It feels, well....

I am lucky to have good friends - friends that love staying in my home in Long Beach
and friends to stay with while I travel
while I scour every nook and cranny of Hawaii to bring you
New Fabric.

And new designs.
Farmville isn't just for your pc - or for the coast - or for the midwest.
Farm is everywhere.
Chickens are everywhere.
Green is everywhere.
Veggies, fruit trees, gardens.
(and don't get me started on the cow thing...)

How does your garden grow?  Do you have a hothouse?  A moveable chicken coop to keep the bugs off your lawn?
What have you done since the first of the year to 'green up' your life?
I don't mean, recycle bin, I mean healthy, honest lifestyle.
Please share with our readers around the globe.

And we'll do the same.

Thanks for thinking of
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f



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