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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our THIRD August Giveaway Winner!

so many of you have shared such great summer memories
thank you
(do you know I try to reply to each and every comment?!???)

Congratulations to:

MoeMate - Maureen
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
she is this week's winner of the Alexander Henry fabric giveaway

summer is still here!
enjoy every moment of it
(yep - laying in the grass, looking through the palm trees, watching the clouds floating by)




annmarie said...

Cool picture - i should try that - opps, no palm trees here - how about pine trees instead??

mascanlon said...

It has been so lovely in LB this week. We are lucky to have sunshine with a few puffy clouds AND not the humid heat other folks have been dealing with!

VickiT said...

Congratulations Maureen. How exciting.