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Friday, September 17, 2010

Rose Hughes
a 2010 interview by Natalie Barnes, beyond the reef

You have been an established artist for some time – exhibiting and creating fabulous gallery pieces and commission pieces – what is it like to now write a book about your process?

When I was working through my own quiltmaking issues, the number one thing I wanted to have in my quilts were curves. While there seemed to be lots of various ways to do curves none were really fast, and most were anything but fun, so I took a bit from here and a bit from there, working it until it became what I call Fast-Piece Applique™. For me it FPA is fast and fun and gets me quickly to the best part of quiltmaking (in my eyes) the embellishment part! 

After that it seems a natural to share this method with others. I love seeing hearing students tell me how great the method is, and how they now have a way of creating the quilts they have in their own heads.

Sharing the process is just part of the whole experience for me. I know that with this process any quilt made takes on the personality of the quiltmaker, not me… it’s amazing to see how it has been used.

You are asked to teach – all across the nation, and I know I can’t ask you your favorite teaching venue, but can you tell me your favorite 2010 story that occurred in the classroom?

I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite place I have visited this year. And, though I have no ghost or bear stories from 2010 I did have a fun experience in my workshops at Sisters, OR, Quilters Affair.

Just before getting to Sisters I had made a stop in Seattle where I met Kara L.C. Jones. She’s a young writer and has out a self-published book called ‘You have permission this book—1,000 Permissions Granted’. (click on image)  It basically is a great book of permission slips! I loved this idea so wanted to share it with my students. So, on the board each day we wrote out our own permission slips. Well, there were ones we all expected – like giving ourselves permission to have fun, or make mistakes, try new things… then on the second morning the very first permission someone granted us was TO EAT DESSERT!
I love Kara’s concept and try to remember it and share it anytime possible. So Natalie, what would you like to give yourself permission to do today?!?

I understand you have cats – do you talk out loud to them?
And most importantly, do you explain your quilting or design process to them while you are working?  You know, “I think I’ll try these roses in all one color – what do you guys think?  How about Yellow?  Do you guys like the yellow,” that kind of banter…

If you don’t talk to your cats how are they ever going to know just how to behave? Insert chuckle here, for everyone knows cats do exactly what they want.

I do talk with my cats, though I haven’t really ever thought about consulting them on color or methodology. Edgar and Nikita stick pretty close to me in the studio…sometimes trying to occupy the exact same space where I am trying to work. But, conversation usually pertains to meows of hunger on their part and additional chatting about what butterfly, hummingbird or stray cat is wandering through the backyard on my part.

Guess you could call them non-collaborators.

What was the smallest town you recently visited, and what made the biggest impression on you?

Though I have been to many small towns this year, the smallest has to be Sisters, OR – though they leave one of the biggest footprints on the quilting world. This huge footprint, started so long ago by Jean Wells, is carried out like a finely tuned orchestra. If you left unimpressed by this community effort, you just weren’t awake.
So much care-and shared opportunity was to be experienced by everyone living there and everyone visiting there..just amazing!

What was the biggest town you recently visited, and what was the smallest thing that made the biggest impression on you?

So many big towns to choose from, so many small, kind sharing things, leave impressions with me. I find that
Learning about these places, getting to meet the people who live there, and getting out and exploring in these places makes it wonderful for me.

What is your favorite book title of 2010 – sorry, non quilting book.

I’m a huge fan of Jane Austen, so while I read a bunch of fun mysteries, intrigues and dramas this year my favorites have been the ‘new’ Jane Austen novels – Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife, and Elizabeth & Darcy.

 I know it’s a personal question, but I have to ask what is your favorite time of day?

Morning… no doubt about it. I love the quiet of this time before anyone really gets going. Like right now, for here I sit writing you these answers and am coming to the end of them right around 7:30… and yes, Nikita is here meowing for just a bit more attention.

Thank you, Rose, for sharing so much with us!



mascanlon said...

Thanks for such a a good interview. And serendipitously yesterday I got my copy of Quilter's Newsletter and guess who has a wonderful pattern and article? Yes, Rose Hughes!

Kathleen C. said...

This was a really good interview-Thanks very much. I love Rose Hughes's rolling hills and her interesting landscapes.

Rose Hughes said...

Hi all- thanks to Natalie for some great questions and sharing my work & books with you all and thank you to all your followers and their fun comments. I'm in the airport and going to go see if there's a copy of QNL...