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Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's not a quilt until it's quilted...

Thank you Kenna.
I did something out of the ordinary.
I got the hose out, and soaked the whole quilt. 
I hung it on the line to let the water run off of it,
and then I threw it in the dryer.
Kenna quilted it with an 80/20.
I did not prewash any of the fabrics used in the top, back or binding.
Here are the pics:
Wonderful quilting, Kenna.
Here it is hanging on the pole bean support in the garden.
Here it is on the clothesline, soaking wet.
And finally, the finished product.
"after quilting, hose and dryer"

I feel like I should add the small print.
"do not attempt this at home; trained professional on closed road"
and all that

there are personal choices we make every day about how we handle our quilts
pre wash fabric?  trust the manufacturer?
100% cotton or flannel batting?
batting blend?
hi loft poly?
pucker or not?
wash by hand or by machine?
hang on clothesline or toss in the heat of the dryer?

choose wisely
and the choices you make
will determine how long you enjoy your handiwork
choose wisely
and the choices you make
will determine how long you enjoy anything dear to you

For me, and for this quilt, because it was a utilitarian piece, not a museum masterpiece,
because of the construction, fabrics, and Kenna's hefty quilting
i took the calculated risk.
I chose to 'hit it with the nice fresh spring water of the hose'
and hang it on the line
(oh, and then toss it into the dryer for a little pucker)
I wouldn't suggest this type of treatment
for anything dear to you
for any length of time.



Hand wash with care.  If you use the washer, don't agitate.
And air dry your quilts, out of direct sunlight.

quilt kits available
hose optional


jaybird said...

nat it looks fantastic!!! especially after being washed... i have a soft spot in my heart for washed quilts!

wackywoman said...

I love the puckered look and feel of a washed and dried quilt. Your quilt is beautiful.

Angie said...

This quilt looks awesome! I like your disclaimer. I don't pre-wash, but will use a die-magnet in the washer.