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Monday, October 25, 2010

I LOVE my job....

I love my job...
Here's the thing.
For years now, quilt shop owners, businesses related to the quilting industry,
and all of those quilterly folk
have been sacrificing their Halloween
every year
to shop and attend business classes at
Quilt Market.
It always falls on the last weekend of the month, it seems.

Fabric companies all across the globe
come to show their newest fabric release lines
to those quilt shop owners, buyers, teachers
all of the people that make quilting so much fun...
so if you head off to your local shop this weekend, and find the owner or a few workers away, you'll know where they've for you!!

Quilt patterns quilt samples quilt designs
are made to showcase those new quilterly things

Well, this year, it just so happens, I am working on a few quilts
(not necessarily for Market)
whose fabric lines will be released this week

This line is
for a great set of designs and colors and prints and solids
What kind of job is this that I have?
Oh, it's a little bit of everything business requires.
Deadlines, designs, diligence.
Thank you RJR Fabrics for believing I can be all three and still be creative.
And thank you Lori Mason for the great work on your end...
deadlines, designs and diligence.
Ask either one of us and we'll say the same,
"I LOVE my job."

And now, it's up to all of you
to find these fabrics in your local quilt shop, and apply your own creative eye, and a little
deadline, design and diligence.



(later this week, ASANTE by RJR Fabrics)


wackywoman said...

Hi Natalie,

Robin and I are leaving Thursday for Houston. Can't wait. Cool fabrics. Looking forward to what you make of it.

Marcia said...

Please have a safe trip home. The fabrics are gorgeous.

Andie said...

Isn't it great when we love what we do? Really loving following your blog - great stuff here!

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

love the photo.. and love you... and wish you had decided last minute to hop on a plane to Houston!