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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I saw a good friend today...

I saw a good friend today
while on my morning walk

she ran up to me to say hello
and as I sat down, she curled up in my lap,
looking for a hug
giving me kisses
we were both making quite a fuss
over each other
we were both exchanging quite a bit of
she had a little more grey showing
I guess she thought the same of me
neither of us said anything to each other
other than to be so glad to have the chance to visit
every morning, she would jump up on the bed,
starting the day with happiness and energy
and a little doggie snuggle
I taught her how to play frisbee
this game, and toys, were new to her
she was the kind of friend who indulged you
on your birthday
or on girls' nite
she'd never miss a party, an event
or even a quilt show
a true friend
"isn't it amazing, how they remember,"
her walking friend asked?
(hULa used to live here, but one day, moved away)

"Remember," I asked?

"How do you forget love?"



momto2wasd said...

Sweet! Makes me really miss my dog that passed away right about a year ago. Dogs are so loving and so generous with their unconditional love.

mascanlon said...

Lovely Natalie, made with think with much joy about the boy Kaiser we lost early this year. We loved him so. His buddy Spike is with us everyday though and loves everyone he meets too!

Jan said...

Fabulous post. We're dog people and dogs just know.

wackywoman said...

Ahhhhhh. Love it!


annmarie said...

great post - you are wonderful - thanks.