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Friday, December 31, 2010

Calendar Giveaway

Happiest New Year

Thank you Martingale, for supporting our blog's wonderful 2010 giveaway series.
This is a lovely 12 x 12 calendar, metal reinforced hanghole, and over 1" squares for each date.
As if it's not enough to just be a great calendar,
there are patterns for the featured quilts!

The winner will be announced (random number generator winner)
at sundown
New Years Day.

So hurry! 
In order to be eligible to win, 
please become a facebook follower and a blog follower
leave a note about one thing you're going to do
to be more

o r g a n i z e d

in 2011.



mascanlon said...

Oh no, not the big "o" question! I already try and group all the fabric and the pattern for projects together in the huge ziplocks. I took most of the stash piles out of my sewing room and thats made it a lot more organized. Now I need to go through the 2 large cupboards in the garage and destash those fabrics I know I'll never use.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Well one thing that has helped to be more organized is having a new house with closets!!! My biggest task will be to organize a closet to house my stash. I am a follower of your blog but I do not do facebook ;-)

Marcia W. said...

I already follow your blog. We liked you on FB (Margaret and Marcia). For 2011, we will organize our fabrics in some storage units with drawers and shelves. We are buying clear plastic boxes along and along, to further organize. Our sewing area is in the guest bedroom. Mainly, our "O" work needs to be - making more quilts! Thanks to you and Martingale for the calendar drawing. Happy New Year.

Bennett and Graves said...

I'm already pretty organized. My decision for the new year is do I try to drag my family into some sort of organization? Or just let it go. Thinking that letting it go will have more success! See you guys at Road? Gayle

jackiero said...

Happy New Year Natalie! May the large 2011 be a blessed one to you & yours!!
Organization, in my brain. Less to do's stored awaiting execution, plan to ASAP with fingers, wrists, eyes and movement to complete task/errand :) Kinda sounds good doncha think?! More time to sew, quilt & mentally quilt ;D
And I'm already a follower on your blog & on facebook.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

This giveaway is now closed - wow...just five of you are in the running! Next post will be to announce the winner! Thank you all for checking in and leaving your comments.