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Friday, March 25, 2011

Modern Basics Quilting

Well, I finally started sewing.
The instructions in the book were just perfect.
 And before I knew it, I had a lot of sewing done, ready to cut and sew again.
Have you ever thought about your pressing?
Yes, at first glance, you are always told, "press to the dark"
but I say, press towards the item you want to 
"sit on top"
and in this case, it will be the 'strips' that create the cross in these blocks.
 But.  No matter how much I wanted to finish my blocks...
Buddy had other plans...
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Nicole Morris said...

Aww, Buddy wants to go....

Stormy Days said...

Don't you love that when they decide enough sewing I need attention? I am both a follower of your blog and like you on FB.

Regina said...

That's a great idea with pressing. I always press to the dark as well.

Was Buddy begging for a walk? My poor dog Sam finally stopped begging about 5 minutes ago. We're fighting a bug so no walks today.

angela said...

I do that,too! I press open unless I want something to sit on top.

mascanlon said...

Spike comes and lays next to the sewing table, he's not much of a jumper! And I've been press open a lot more in the last couple of years, I think it make it all lay flatter and the quilting stays in line better.

Nancy Sue said...

Looks like Buddy had blocks on his mind a walk around one or two. I'm a follower and have "liked" you on FB. I'm pretty new to FB and it's whole navigation thing.