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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's a girl to do?

Well, sometimes a girl's best friend is NOT her sewing machine or her quilting hoop, 
but the tea kettle.
and a little soup.
And not much more than that.

But, in my case, since I have NO penchant for lounging, napping, or 'being down',
a little knitting here and there was all I really could do to stay put.
(casein needles, one strand wool, one strand 'fuzzy' and two mittens in progress)

Okay, more than just a little knitting.
Oh, and yes, I made two - one for a friend and one for me.
Thank you Kenna (Madison Cottage Design) for sharing this pattern with me!
Lambs Pride purple, and mine is Lambs Pride Bulky black...mmmm, warm.

And then, I finished this entrelac project.
I received the headband on the left as a gift, and then decided to make the purple one on the right
as a gift for my namesake.
Hint, hint:  If you get a long enough "blend" in the variegated yarn you choose for this project,
you'll have that look of having switched yarns for every 'block"  (purple project on the right)
in comparison to having an all over pattern like the project on the left
Both are beautiful...take your pick!

And then, of course, I found two more balls of yarn to make these funny mittens
as a thank you gift for someone special.
This was a Knitropolis pattern...I miss that little cozy shop...and the creativity they put out for all to enjoy.

In the mean time...
I have blocks completed for a high school graduation present.
And I have three fourths of a lap quilt completed.
And I have cut out two new projects.
The first is a set of Jacobs/Kaffe fabrics cut for Aardvark Quilts Squares Squared.
And the other is a historic looking applique-over-pieced back.
I am just completing the applique for a block in a memory quilt for one of my Friendship Group friends,
and I have fourteen wool needle keepers cut out and ready to stitch 
for Holiday Gifts for that same group.

I received a box of books for Martingale & Company.
Thank you to this wonderful publishing company for their continued support.
You know what this means, right?

It's time to take a look at a new project from a new book,
share it with you,
and ask you to become a follower
for a chance to take home a new book!

Someone tell my sewing machine...
it's time to get going again!!



mascanlon said...

Wow!! You have been busy even if the diet was soup and not chocolate! I do basic knitting, not even any I am very impressed. glad you're feeling better.

Rose Hughes said...

love the knitting! doesn't surprise me that it is wonderful... all you do is!