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Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Memorial Day - Decoration Day...

I met a young man on a plane.

I could tell by his haircut.
I asked him, "Are you visiting - family or a girl?"
"Family, ma'am."
I knew right away.
"Thank you for your service"

"I bet they were happy to have you home.  How often do you see your family?"
"Not often," was all he said.
He was a Ranger.
"I came home for my Grandfather's funeral."
"Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss.  How is your grandmother doing?"
"My grandfather was in the Air Force. They were married 54 years.  She's not doing so well, ma'am."
"What is her name?"
"Lois, ma'am."
"Well, I will hold her in my thoughts."

He continued.
"He had a military funeral.  That's also why I came home.  They let me participate, even tho I'm a Ranger."
"She must have been proud."
"They let me present the flag to her."
I stopped, trying to imagine Lois at the moment her grandson bent down 
to gently place the American Flag in her hands.
After composing myself, I said, "That must have been a very special moment for her."

So, I hope that today, in whatever way you choose,
you will remember young men like the one I met on the airplane
that you will remember older men like his grandfather
and that you will say a prayer, or stop for just a moment
 to think kindly about Lois.


(disclaimer - young men and women, older men and women)


mascanlon said...

Very nice Natalie. One of my favorite holidays just for the things you've mentioned. My neighborhood has lots of flags flying today and as we ran our errands several people commented on my husbands patriotic red,white,blue stars and stripe shirt.I did have a red sweater on too!

Bennett and Graves said...

Driving down the 15 Freeway on Sunday we passed a column of armoured vehicles, probably returning to Camp Pendleton. We waved and smiled at every one. My son works in Bulgaria for the Peace Corp, a government agency bravey protected by military stationed there. Thank You!