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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yes, it's another BOOK GIVEAWAY!

back to the last post, and please, #4
send me your snail mail
 Buddy is bound and determined to help with the seasons' decorations
everyone has their own way of helping, approaching the holidays
even if it's only Winter Solstice
Buddy is helping by laying on the lights, snoozing where the tree will go,
and curling up under the tree where I want to put the quilt

 as quilters, I would guess you are all a bit more creative than Buddy
 Martingale & Company has passed along a new copy of an older book
That Patchwork Place

 the piece o cake applique way is described in detail, the patterns are precise
and the quilt is a-dorable
yes, it's a one quilt pattern book

and while I know I won't probably ever make the completed quilt
i know for a fact that I would make a block here and there, embellish the heck out of them
and frame them to put up for the holidays
I even like the names they used for these blocks

but I just gotta ask
how does your family "help you"
for the holidays?
your funniest story



gill said...

Congratulations Dana!
I love the look of this book!
As in most families I guess, my children like to help decorate - when my eldest son was around 3 or 4 he wanted to untangle the fairy lights - somehow he though it would be a good idea to bite off all the plastic covers around the bulbs - all 100 of them|!

scottylover said...

My hubby does most of the decorating here, so I guess I am the one that "helps" the most by trying to add ornaments to the tree and breaking them instead...of course it was one of his favorites...guess I will be in the dog house for a bit. :)

Sandy A

mascanlon said...

Congratulations Dana! Linda and Becky do such amazing appliqué. As for decorating, I do most of it , all of it inside and we do the outside together, no person outside on a ladder by themselves! Once the lights are up on the deck my husband goes to town add ornaments and little pots of red flowers to all our containers, since the house surrounds the deck you can see Chrsitmas from every festive!

Marcia W. said...

My mother and I share the duty. She does the little tree and I do the "sitting around stuff." I'm also the one who trots (drags) the boxes to-and-from our storage building after unpacking/repacking them. Thanks for the lovely book - would be nice to learn applique from the pros.

Susan said...

Yes, my family does help me decorate for Christmas. My boys help me decorate the tree and they help their father put up the Christmas decorations outside. It's usually a fun family day. :)

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Thanks, the giveaway post is now closed - I'm going to the Random Number Generator now!