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Wednesday, February 8, 2012



where did the month go?
oh, that's right.
Road to California

and yes, I missed that
super bowl sunday deadline
so for those of you that logged in
please, forgive me

but here we are, and I would like you to meet
Kenna Ogg
Madison Cottage Design
(remember, I get to ask the questions....)

1.  I know you do a lot of great photography as well as quilting...what's your favorite time of day for light?

I love the light of early morning, though I am rarely awake for it.  I like the light of spring and winter.  I am not a summer girl and I find the light a little to harsh for my taste.

2.  You have a great Raptor center in your town - Boise, ID - and I hear you have visiting hawks in your yard.  Is it true you name them, and how did that get started?

 I named the big one Linda.  I don't even know if she is a girl, but she can spin her head like Linda Blair from The Exorcist.  The smaller hawk, I call Jr.  And when the American Kestrel comes visiting, I call it sweetie, even though I am sure it could bite my finger off in one chomp.

3.  I have to ask - what machine do you sew on, have you sewed on, like the best, or ..........

 I sew on a Pfaff tiptronic 2040. I have had it for 13 years and really don't know any other machine well.

4.  I hear you like Superior's Master Piece thread - what do you think are the advantages?

I like to piece "small" and the Masterpiece thread lays very flat.  I haven't used the new 3-ply so I cannot attest to its properties.  I also like DMC thread and usually have a large cone of it on hand.

5.  Music?  I hear you play a lot of music while you are sewing/quilting?

Everything from Springsteen to Dean Martin, Tracy Chapman, David Cook, Barbara Cook.  I have a 50 disc player in the sewing room so there is a good chance Patti Lupone will play right after Patti Scialfa.  Though, I can promise you George Strait will never play after George Michael.

6.  Your patterns are really specific and you talk about squaring up and making a test block for seam allowance accuracy.  Does this come from your knitting background?  Your weaving background?

It come from me just being picky, particular, pick the adjective.

7.  How did you pick quilting out of all of the arts you do?   
Quilting picked me.  One day, while unemployed, I was out shopping in a quilt store (A Quilter's Dream) and foolishly said, "I can help"  and, well, need I say more.

8.  When can we hope to see more more more?

More??? Soon.  There is always something on the wall.

9.   Who do you think will win the best picture in this year's Academy Awards?

 I don't know what movie is even up for best picture.  I do know that Eli Manning was MVP in the Superbowl.

10.  Finally, what is your favorite thing to bake?  I hear you are a baker not a cook?  Can there be only that?

Cookies, cookies oh and more cookies.

And here, for their web debut, are Kenna's first two patterns.

And to kick things off for Kenna
I say we give you all a chance to take a little peek into her great directions, and fabulous designs.
Buy one of each pattern for a total cost of $15 for the two!
($10 each regular price)

If you'd like just one, they will be $10/each.

I think I will make both, personally.
I have started Lemon Pepper using sherbet pips
and I think I will make the Field Greens out of the Ghastlies by AH

Finally, if you have a birthday in February, please leave a message below,
and I will send you one of the two patterns
...your choice!

Thanks  for  thinking of
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f 


Angela Nash said...

I have those ghastlies - I think I'm going to use one of Julie's patterns. But I love those pinwheels.

My birthday is actually next week - so many people say they hate February. But with a birthday right in the middle - I love it!

mascanlon said...

Lemon Pepper came home with me from Road. Along with a big stack of Field Greens...gosh how did I miss that one!

kimmcv said...

The new patterns are great! Love the Lemon Pepper! "Happy Birthday" to me :)

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Angela, Kimmcv - please email me your snail mail addy, and I will send you your birthday gift!


Nicole Morris said...

Hey Natalie and Kenna, fun interview! I can just picture you two giggling through it. Love you both and Congrats on your new patterns Kenna!

Nicole Morris said...

Oh and picked up both of these lovely patterns at road.

Diane said...

I love Lemon Pepper and field dreams.

Marcia W. said...

Thank you for the birthday celebratory present. I am a Birthday Girl for February - the eleventh - and now have skipped through 8 decades. My choice for a birthday pattern is Field Greens. I like the pinwheels and the name (I grow greens in my garden). Though an avid quilter, I'm mouse challenged and sit with my daughter as we browse through quilty sites. I am dictating this comment to her. You can send a message to mlwright29(at)hotmail(dot)com and let us know where to email my mailing address. Thank you for this nice gesture of a pattern for a Birthday. MargaretQuilts

Welcome to a whole new world in home decor! You will love it. Live a life inspired! said...

I came upon your pattern on a shop hop yesterday...lemon pepper and loved it! The quilt shop owner had purchased the pattern at Road to California and recently completed a quilt from her pile of scrap and was commenting how she loved the pattern. I asked her when in the store i could purchase the pattern and she said that she was presently searching for a source to purchase he pattern. So, to the web I have gone knowing the pattern name and company. And yes, my birthday is February 4. Contact me at I would like to purchase the pattern even if unable to receive as a february birthday celebrator!
Lynne Marini

Anonymous said...

I've made Belle'S Biscuits and won deed if there was ever a correction made to it. If you cut 8.5 x 8.5, then add the 1"strip.'s now 8.5 x 9 and you can't flip and flop.
Thanks, Vicki in Seeley Lake, MT