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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

I had to look that one up, just to be sure it was okay
The Farmers Almanac tags the dates to be July 3 to August 11
Ancient Rome, July 24 thru August 24
The Gregorian Calendar adds, leap years delete, but overall let's just call it "good"
It's the time of year when Sirius, the Dog Star, appears
and when we have our "warmest summer temperatures"
when dogs hit the pool, or the beach, and then begrudge us the bath that follows
(yes, yes, just like the kids playing in the sand, getting dunked in the bay for a quick clean up)
I think I will put it on next year's calendar 
and make it a tradition
people are enjoying the last few days of summer, taking vacations and flocking to the beach
with that kind of
"oh, my gosh, it's August and we haven't even been to the beach yet"
look in their eye
(insert lake, hike, camping, bike riding, hula hooping, having any fun at all, word, here)
the arugula from the garden is growing again after the birds have had their share of salad
and having friends over for dinner means sun tea, frosty beers, light wines and a cold crisp salad

many of us, as quilters or sewists, are thinking
"oh my gosh, the holidays will be here in no time and I haven't even started those gifts"
and so, thanks to Martingale and Company/That Patchwork Place, we are going to do a triple giveaway
for the dog days of summer

because before you know it, you'll be sending those kids packing (to school that is)
and you'll have time for
(currently on sale, in case you don't get chosen here)
(also on sale, by the way!!)
or even
eco friendly re-usable snack bags
stunning quilts
(dare I say dorm quilts?)
and my pick from the bunch.....a knitting needle caddy
so let's greet these last dog days of summer
with a triple play giveaway
invite your friends to come follow the blog
leave a comment on which book you'd hope to have sent to you
and please, share a recipe or a 'last picnic of summer' story with us

the random number generator will select
(on Friday)
and we'll send you your books
but only if you are a follower, or you have invited a friend that becomes a follower
our giveaways are our way of saying thank you to our loyal readers

and I DO thank YOU!



Gill said...

I'm a follower and I'd love to receive 'Urban Country Quilts'
Here in the UK we've had a dismal summer weatherwise but a fantastic summer for sports! The Olympics have made it the perfect summer!

Kathryn said...

I'd love to see what's in Urban Country Quilts. I'm a loyal followers. Our end of the summer picnic will preceed a trip to the ballpark for our local minor league team.

SallyB said...

Such a great website! I'm inspired in all directions... But would love the pattern for the knitting needle organizer.. No doubt in the "gifts" book. Though any would do in case I were to win!
Happy Dog Days... Loved reading the back story!

quiltzyx said...

Oooh! Everyday Handmade looks like fun!!
This is a recipe I used Sunday, easy peesy, that I got from a sister-quilter:
Fall Apart Chicken

1 Slow Cooker
1 whole chicken (or chicken parts work just as well)
salt & pepper to taste
any other herb or spice you like

Wash off the chicken & pat dry. Season it, then put the chicken into the slow cooker. Cook on high for 4-5 hours or low for 8 hours.

Be VERY careful getting the chicken out of the cooker - when I cooked some bone-in thighs, I happened to grab the bone with my tongs, and that's ALL that came out!
You can pair it with rice & veggies, throw some on a big, green salad, make enchiladas - whatever!
Today I'm using some of the chicken in a pasta salad.


Linda said...



Blend: Fresh strawberries
Honey to taste
Greek yogurt
Amounts+ ingredients to your own taste-Enjoy!

scottylover said...

What a great give away! I'd love the Urban Country Quilts book.

We don't really have any picnics here, but one of my favorite summer foods is bratwurst cooked in the crock pot. Put them in, add your favorite bbq sauce and let them cook on low for a while. YUM!

Sandy A

ledamewood said...

Oh I'd love to have Everything Handmade - love the projects in there. Of course I'm a follower. My favorite recipe for summer? Just a plate of fresh vegetables from the garden. Of course a tomato sandwich makes my mouth water - Wonder Bread, tomato slice and mayonnaise.

Nurseli said...

I'm a follower and I really like the Everything Handmade book. Looks like fun! This has been a weird year. Not too many picnics either. But I am looking forward to making some peach burbon bar-b-que sauce.

Cecilia said...

I'm a follower and I like Sew The Perfect Gift. I've been busy this summer visiting with my grandchildren and haven't had much time for picnics. Thanks for the chance to win.

Diane said...

Well, I would like any of the books but if I have to pick it would be Urban Country. Not much time for picnics so far but next week my kids are coming to visit, and we have a full week of fun planned--boating, tubing, hiking. And yes I am a follower. BTW I bought some Hawaiian flower fat quarters from you at the santa clara quilt show last fall--have the flimsy almost finished. I will send pics.

Deanna said...

I'm a follower and I'd love SEW the Perfect Gift.

Beulah said...

I am a follower via email. :)

Our favorite end of summer picnics include a family tradition of Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches. 2 blocks of room temperature cream cheese 1 small minced sweet onion 3 - 4 small pickling cucumbers [peel and grate to a pulp...drain off liquid] Combine all ingredients and spread on your favorite sandwich bread. :D

I like the looks of the Urban Country Quilts...but love surprises even more!! Seriously, I couldn't choose they all look wonderful.

sowingstitches [at] gmail [dot] com

Denny1600 said...

I subscribe by email and love it! Can't wait to see you again at R2C!

wanda said...

Love the Urban Country Quilts, but would be happy with any.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Okay, the UPS guy was here and picked three book winners - - thanks, Robert! This giveaway is now closed. Look for a new weekend giveaway posted tonite!