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Thursday, March 14, 2013

...just take a moment.

I have been a bit raw of late...

you know, that kind of 
tears welling up
at car commercials
kind of raw

not that I am all for stuffing your feelings, or putting a good face on it, either
because, after all
we all have our stuff

no one seems to walk that road alone
sadly, there is a lot of company on that road

so I have been taking a moment

but now it's time to focus on the glass half full
the great people that were in my class last weekend...

the moments of seeing an old dog friend with their face in the sun...

the daunting task of selecting just the right colors
from a Robert Kaufman Fabrics box of kona cottons

but for my friend and her son, who have lost their "rock" of a man in their life
I can only hope that the memories of the time they have spent together
will far outshine
the sadness of thinking of the future without him

and for those of you 
who seem to be getting a bit too emotional over beer and Clydesdale commercials
it's okay
we all do it

take a moment to stop and listen to the morning song bird
sort your fabrics
just to enjoy the colors and the designs
stop to tell a dog that they are a good dog
enjoy the quiet of the snow, the rain, the fog, or the sun
and speak kindly to a stranger
just take a moment


(yes, even the post is off kilter)


mascanlon said...

Hugs! Sometimes we just have to keeping putting one foot in front of the other, sounds like you're in that place right now.

jackiero said...

Wow Natalie, you always take me along with you as I read your type-written message. Always lovely, always heartfelt. I wish you well my virtual friend, may the love coming from the eyes of your beloved dog-friends reach down inside you & lighten your day. I am so with you on focusing on the beauty of this earth and all that reside within/on it. And Blessings to your friends as they walk a new path :) Jackie in NC