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Friday, July 12, 2013

Set the Table from Martingale

It is a

if you read the last blog post
you'll understand why I am bursting with pride

Set the Table
yep, that's my name up there!!!

I thought I might make my own table runner
from the book
using some different colors than the ones shown
you know, something for the house...something for now...and something from
"mornings with Buddy"
color schemes
 there is this burnt orange accent running around my house, so I started pulling all of my orange scraps
even pulling some leftover hexes that I had cut
then I threw in some blue, just any big contrast I could find

the key to the design that I did for this book
is to have a big color punch for the "sprinkle"
as I was working with the colors on the chair,
I noticed the heavy hand blown vases and the glass floats on the table
hmmmm.....beach glass colors 
out came the greys and the great acid greens in Boho Vibe
 which made me think about those new grey Kona cottons
mixed with Hoffman California Fabrics acid green yellow
(this would be a lot of good contrast, I thot)

and then it hit me
where was the orange that I started with???!?
there they were on the table with all of the new fabrics
for International Quilt Festival, Long Beach
august 2-4
maybe mostly turq and a little burnt orange would work for my summer runner

take a look at the book, and the projects 
leave a comment
telling me which project you think I might have designed
(no cheating)
and which color scheme you like the best

and you will be entered in a random number generator drawing
one person will receive an e-book
copy of
Set the Table
thank you, Martingale!!

this week I will keep working on developing these color schemes
pop over to facebook or instagram
to take a look at my progress on this project

but leave your comments here on the blog for the giveaway

look for the blog post next week 
let's say saturday the 20th?  afternoon?
to see who will be making their own new table runners from this fun book


Kathryn said...

With all the variety of fabrics, I'll pick Confetti. Looks like a great book.

Diana said...

Knowing you like a variety of colors, I would say "Confetti" is yours. All the table runners are great, good looking book. Thanks for the giveaway.

Cecilia said...

I don't know the names of the patterns, but I think you made the table runner on page 1 of the sideshow. It is made with batiks.

jillnjosh said...

I'm thinking it is the diamonds in teal with the punch of green.

I liked several of the color schemes - I think the answer to your question would depend on the day and the mood I am in. :-)

Sallie said...

Confetti. My favorite color scheme is the light blue, denim blue, green and tan.

LeenKM said...

I like the teal and lime color scheme best, which really surprises me because I don't typically care for lime green. But teal in any shade will catch my eye and the lime shade just sets it off perfectly!

VickiT said...

I'm not sure how to cheat at this or how anyone got the names of their guesses. I guess I'm not being super smart at all today. Anyway, my guess would be the bottom picture, right corner with the purples and orange, although I do really love the last color grouping you've shown with the teals and orange. Awesome for summer.
Congratulations on being included in this book. That's gotta be a great feeling to see your name like that. Great job, even if I'm wrong. They're all great looking. I've had this book on my wish list already and am SO very much hoping to win one. If not, I'm definitely going to have to buy it.

allierae said...

I don't know the names of the patterns but I would guess you did the brightly/neon colored one with the white background. I like the turq and orange stack above.

Deb said...

I'm betting you made the one with the batik squares; my favorite color group is the light teals with the orange.

Molly Bee said...

Confetti...I LOVE, love, love it! Thank you for offering the giveaway!

Pauline said...

Hi Natalie! Congratulations on your new status as a book author! So Awesome! I think you made the runner made with batiks of purple and orange. And for your new one for your place, my favorite colors are the turquoise and burnt orange combination.

Judy said...

I think the one on page 14 of the sideshow. I loved the colors of the runner on the last page.

Therese Ruff said...

The grey with the orange squares and the purple accent.That's the one I would make first!

Sandra said...

The one in the bottom right hand corner. Purples with the pop of orange. Although they're all cute.
I hope I win, this book looks awesome. Thanks for the giveaway!