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Monday, December 23, 2013

Countdown to Christmas Finale

it's the night before
the night before Christmas
it was just a few years ago
I met Buddy-dog
he was in a shelter on the Central Coast
he didn't know what a toy was, yet alone, what to do with one
he was quiet

I got back in my car and I drove home
to this day, I'm so ashamed I drove away

I ran in to a girlfriend that night, told her about Buddy and she said,
finger on my chest, 

that night, I left a hundred voice messages at the shelter
I woke up and was on the road by 4am
driving as fast as legally possible
so that I could be standing at the doors
when the shelter opened

Buddy remembered.
he came running around the corner, and placed both paws
firmly on my shoulders
and peppered me with kisses

he was muddy from head to toe
and had a bite over his white eye
but he jumped right in the back seat of the car and came home with me
that very same day

Christmas Eve Day.

so that's our Countdown to Christmas
no giveaway, no comments required
just this one last story
to be told
follow your bliss; hold closely, those you love

Merry Christmas.
and Buddy-dog


Gill said...

What a wonderful story - Merry Christmas!

scottylover said...

So sweet! I'm glad you went back & got him. I think shelter dogs are extra special, too! Give Buddy a couple of scritches from me, please!

Sandy A

Janet said...

Ah, you made me cry. Sending you warm Christmas thoughts ... from me, Dexter and True (they both came from shelters, too, but I got them both from Aussie Rescue). Merry Christmas to you and your boy.

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm so glad you went back and I know you and Buddy are. I remember so clearly the first time I saw every one of my rescues and it still makes me sad they had to end up there. Merry Christmas to Buddy from Maya and Brady, three lucky dogs.

mascanlon said...

Now that made me cry this AM, how lucky you both are to have found each other. Merry Christmas Natalie and Buddy.

Bennett and Graves said...

Buddy is what we call your 'destiny pet', meant to be yours and yours only. Merry Christmas Natalie and Buddy!

Cecilia said...

Great story! I hope you and Buddy have a Merry Christmas!

Denny1600 said...

I knew it! I just knew that Buddy was special! You are, too, for "rescuing" Buddy. Wishing you the best and merriest Christmas!

Beth said...

A perfect love story. Cheers for your friend, too.

We are a sheltering home--a mom dog who came to us pregnant and filled our life with love and puppies (we kept four). Fast forward nine years: we adopted a mom cat who delivered four kittens. What to do but keep them all? We're a perfect fit, all twelve of us. We surely understand the bond you share with your dear Buddy.

P.S. Heartfelt thanks for the wonderful box that arrived today. You are going to bring smiles to a lot of faces at RMH. xxx Beth

jackiero said...

Love, love your story + Buddy! Happy Holidays to ya'll.
Jackie in NC (mom to 2 shelter dogs & a now-unstray elder kitty)

Lee said...

Hope the Holiday was wonderful! A great post!

Sandra said...

Although our pets didn't come from shelters per se; our dog
Mac(k) came from a home where his owner was getting rid of him on kijiji. We've loved him for almost 5 years now (even though he tried to destroy our home the first 12 months!!!). Chester our cat, came to us more recently, via our youngest daughters teacher. He'd arrived at her house as a young stray (although neutered already, so obviously someone had cared for him once) and because her hubby was allergic, she couldn't keep him, so here he is....(literally, laying next to me on the couch..!)Thanks for giving Buddy a fur-ever home. There's no doubt he'll love you for it!