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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fast-Piece Applique book giveaway - Rose Hughes

Rose Hughes.

if you are lucky enough to have taken one of her classes
or seen any of her exhibited work

you will understand what I mean
when I say that I am thankful to be able to call her
f r i e n d 

what a great time it is to go fabric shopping with rose
or to sketch on paper napkins over breakfast

don't get me started about getting anywhere near

yes, I am a very lucky girl.

 it was difficult to share only a few projects from the book
you all knew this one below would be one of my favorites
 one of the great things that Rose has done
for this book blog tour
is to design a series of blocks
based upon four letter words that her fans suggested

and then she let each of us select our own word from that list

Fast-Piece Applique by Rose Hughes
**addendum:  pattern is available now!

by leaving a comment below
you will be entered in a drawing to win an e-book
from Martingale/TPP
and a pattern for this block
from Rose Hughes!

just leave me a note telling me one

something you've experienced
during the December holidays, or the New Year celebration
you know
some random act of kindness
or something that touched

and on January 20
the random number generator will select a winner
from the comments

remember, tho, you have all of these other blogs to visit
to visit
to enjoy

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Jan 12th- LUST-- Megan Dougherty
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Jan 14th - FIRE-- Sam Hunter
Jan 15th - SING -- Rachel Biel-TAFA
Jan 16th -- Rose Hughes

thank you, Rose.... 
for always giving more than expected....


Julie Thomsen said...

Wold love to try one of these quilts

natalie. beyond the reef said...

The pattern for the "Soul" quilt block is available now! Click on the link in the blog, below the pic!
Thank you, Rose!!!

Tina Howell said...

I am grateful that I have my husband and children and that I am still healthy enough to try new things.

Sharon said...

I was blessed to attend the birth of my first granddaughter on Jan 3rd! What a sweet blessing to have a daughter in law invite me to experience this event with her and my son.

Susan Stanton said...

I was invited by my daughter to share a cabin in the wilderness with her family over Christmas. We all got so much closer over the days we spent together. My three grandchildren were extra sweet and considerate of each other and of us.
yoyopattycakes at hotmail dot com

Kathi Miller said...

Holidays are hard for me since losing my son in 2007. I am blessed to have family close by and we always spend Christmas Eve and Day together. Family is the soul of the holidays.

Cecilia said...

My Mother passed away 4 years ago and a quilting friend stepped in to take her place in my life. Jean is 86 and she has shared her quilting expertise and her love with me these last 4 years. This past Christmas our family got together the weekend before Christmas to celebrate and then they all had to return home. Even my husband had to be out of town the week of Christmas, so I was going to spend Christmas alone. But, Jean invited me to celebrate Christmas with her and her family. She has been a true blessing to me.

Jewelshug said...

I was blessed yesterday with my 11th great grandchild, weighing in at a hefty 10 lbs, 8 oz. My heart is so full of gratitude.

Karaquilts said...

What a lovely friendship you have shared! I have a friend whose husband is dying with ALS, and yet she continually blesses those in her world with color, and joy, and love, continuing to create quilty touches for those who travel with her. I esteem her for her courage and beauty.

And I'd love to win Rose's book!!

Marilyn said...

Well, over the holidays I went to the funeral of my cousin, a jr. high history teacher who passed away in his 50's. I was touched to found out he was truly an angel on earth when I saw the rows of disadvantaged teens he had mentored into college and beyond. He will truly be missed!

kantuckee said...

I see these free patterns as Valentines pillows for smaller family members.

RoseMary Baty-Willcox said...

Soul-filled - Uh?
I have truly learned to Never
say Never.
Now living somewhere I never wanted to live has taught me that.
I am so looking forward to why I am here, living in this place and time.
and maybe some of these words will help me to learn that.
I also love to applique, would love rose's book

ledamewood said...

This Christmas my husband and I had all of our sons and grandchildren under our roof. It was an absolute blessing. Exhausting, but wonderful. Hearing their laughter, chatter, and just being engaged with one another truly nourished my soul. I felt one very lucky woman.

RosieGma said...

I was able to have a lovely Christmas with my family..I was diagnosed with Cancer this past August and have my good days and my not so good days....

LeAnn Paton said...

A wonderful lady I know passed away before Christmas. But she left this world full off joy, ready to go home to her Lord. She left behind such a sense of joy and peace. She will be forever missed.

Southwest Quilting Bee said...

Today I was gifted with fabric for my group to make quilts for Project Linus. My group is very giving of their time and resources. they were thrilled with the gifted fabric.

Mego said...

'Soul' is having all your grown kids show up to help feed the poor over Christmas because 'that's what we've ALWAYS done, Mom!' Duh!

Carol said...

My first grandson was born in December and the entire family has welcomed him. He is such a delight and we look forward to many years with him.

Anita said...

I was so fortunate to spend three weeks together with my college sons over Christmas before they have to return back to school tomorrow.

Sharon said...

I am so very blessed.... my Mom has altizmers and she is getting worse every single day but for Christmas the Lord let us have some of her self back if it was only for a little while. She laughed and remembered some things and it was wonderful.

Vivian Helena said...

Sharing, that is a gift, and so many of the quilters choose to share of themselves on the net. I don't think there is another group of artists that are so united, and caring. Would love to have the book, and would share that also.
By the way Rose, sunny Calif. has been cold, but today is warming up, just need rain, send yours this way..

ma40422 said...

Holidays was a great time spent with adult children, their spouses and two grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

We stayed at home this Christmas Eve and Day and I loved seeing my kids come down the stairs and eagerly run to the fireplace and sit to enjoy the fire my husband had just started-- nope not right to the tree and pile of gifts beneath! At almost 3 and just turned 5 I was pleased to see they enjoyed more than Santa's bounty that morning! Thanks- I love the look of this book! Sarah: crjandsbj(at)netzero(dot)com

Julie said...

I tried and tried to think of a random act of kindness through the holidays, but really, everyone seemed so genuine and so sincere in their wishes that I think I was just so touched by that. It was wonderful.

Kathy E. said...

I am always on the lookout to "commit" a random act of kindness. When we were in Florida just after New Year's Day, I was in a fabric store and a very quiet Indian woman was cutting my fabric.(She was wearing the full traditional head dressing.) She seemed to understand me, but did not speak until I asked her if she was from India. She just beamed and said 'Yes!'. I told her about a book I had just finished that took place in Mumbai, India. She wanted me to write down the title so she could check it out from the library. Instead, I went out to my car and gave her my copy. She was stunned and I just smiled, gave her a hug, and walked away. Sometimes we just need to try to connect with people rather than go with the feeling that someone is "different". Aren't we all different? We made a connection that day and I'm happy about it!

Sarah said...

The past few years have been difficult ones for our family, and this Christmas someone from the school district called and asked if we wanted presents for our children, and to give them 3 small gift ideas for each child for someone to choose from. So I did; this is the first time we've done anything like this, so I didn't know what to expect. Well, the week before Christmas the gifts were delivered, and I was blown away; the people who bought gifts for my children bought every single thing I wrote down (1 toy, 1 clothing item, and 1 book) and MORE, and so much larger things than I'd asked for. And in addition, they gave me presents as well, including a gift certificate for the grocery store and target. I don't know who the families are who blessed us so extravagantly this year, but I am so utterly grateful.

GranChris said...

The best was my daughter drove 12 hours so I could see her and my grandchildren for 4 days before Christmas. That's Love.

Dixie said...

I broke my leg in October and had to have surgery to put a plate and screws in. It was hard hopping around on one foot with crutches but I was managing although my husband was very tired of cooking and doing laundry. One day the phone rang and a work friend called to say she was coming by to see me. She stopped in with two huge bags of prepared casseroles and home baked treats! It was fantastic! What a relief and then she came back the next week with more!She went above and beyond to help out! It eased a very hard period and it was nice to be thought of! (and I am out of crutches now although still in a brace! - but knowing someone was thinking of me was wonderful!) And she is a quilter so this would be a great for her if I won!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this blog hop - I want to make a Valentine table runner and these will be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win :)
Debby E
samtaylorcjsmimi (at) yahoo (dot) com

Nancy said...

We don't really celebrate Christmas, so not much happened there, but New Years we spent with good friends and had a really nice time! Will this be good enough for an answer? LOL!

Terri Jones said...

This is very simple, but it was so nice: we were serving at our Christmas Eve Church service, so missed dinner. We stopped at the only fast food restaurant open that evening. The person in front of us PAID for our dinner. What a kind way to celebrate the holiday.

Anonymous said...

Good Tuesday morning...
I just found this blog hop this morning the 13th.. so while work on organizing my "high fiber life-style" (fabric, yarn, lacing threads etc) I thought I'd try to play catch-up with the hop as well. My church quilting group makes bereavement items for the preemie nursery and these appliques look something we'll be able to use on our items... thank you for your SOUL K

Sharon said...

My friend posted on FB at the beginning of the year that she would do a Random Act of Kindness sometime during the year to the first 5 people who responded to her post. And then she challenged each of us to do the same. I was first to respond and can't wait for the surprise. ...and to pass it on to others as well!

jinsnapp said...

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with our sons and their significant others and my parents. Christmas-time grows more special with each passing year it seems.

Elayne Novotny said...

I have been having a rough time being depressed. My husband of 25+ years would rather smoke cigarettes than have a wife. Trying to heal a broken heart and a grief filled soul. Quilting is what makes me happiest and learning new techniques I am very intrigued by this book and will have to get it.

bobbi said...

a little girl in the hospital was thrilled to receive a frozen blanket that I made for the Children's ward. very touching moment.

Walter said...

While waiting in a long line at a warehouse grocery store, hubby & I realized we had forgotten the eggs--which are all the way in the back of course. He (age 70)has trouble walking so I said maybe I could run back.. A young woman behind us volunteered to run get our eggs for us! How sweet! pjrquilter(at)msn(dot) com


I was grateful my 3 children, 3 inlaw children and 3 grandchildren could be together Christmas just 2 years and 2 days after loosing my husband before Christmas, but it was the 2 1/2 yr old that said it all when she walked in ignoring the piles of gifts and looked at my tree and said WOW !

Gina S. said...

After taking my grand daughter out to shop for fabric for her first quilt we stopped at a thrift shop in town on the way home. She found a cat back pack that she fell in love with. When we got home i was going to remove the $1.00 hang tag and she said to leave it on so it would remind her of our day out. Funny how a $1.00 price tag can make 2 people so happy.

Rosalind Gutierrez said...

At Christmas my mother said I was her treasure on earth.

WPBMOMMY1 said...

I have a penpal from the UK and I had made a handmade purse with a silhouette of a howling wolf and a moon and sent it to her. It is a symbol that is dear to me. Right before Christmas I unexpectedly received a beautiful piece of stained glass made from the silhouette of the wolf and moon that I had sent to her. I immediately broke down crying as I have never received such a sentimental gift from someone outside of my family, a person I have never met before.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a fun book.
Thanks for the chance to win
Sue dot quilts at

Carol said...

I visited a friend in a nursing home the other day and she kept telling me I had made her day. It only took a little effort from me to do that and made such an impact on her. I need to do this more often!

Denise said...

I was priveledged to be invited to the 90th birthday party on Saturday for an 'aunt', who has taken me into her family and treated me as one of them for many years. What a blessing.

Terry said...

My mother was a talented quilter and had such a love of color. Still missing her.
Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely book.