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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

GenerationQ Magazine

GenerationQ Magazine
 how many of you have picked up a copy of this magazine
yes, you can subscribe!!
Jake Finch
 meet Jake Finch and Melissa Thompson Maher
Melissa Thompson Maher
 these two, along with their great team of folks, including Teri Lucas who contributed the blog post about

 create this wonderful publication for us - for quilters!
I am so happy to be included in the GenQ blog
but if you will notice, the website also has a lot of information to share
just head on over to
(there's that word again)
and you will see there are lots of different things that quilters can get involved in
charity that we discussed in yesterday's blog!
thank you, Generation Q Magazine, for participating in the BookBlog Tour
and thank you,
Teri Lucas
for your great article!

I am honored!

now for the readers, head on over to the Gen Q Blog and leave a comment for a chance
to have your very own copy of
A Modern Twist
Natalie Barnes

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