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Monday, May 25, 2015

Flower Fields Giveaway(s)

f l o w e r   f i e l d s

f l o w e r   f i e l d s
Me + You
Indah solids


f l o w e r   f i e l d s

 some of you will like this version of this quilt

but others of you will like this
you know the fabric
it's woven
it's soft
it's hand quilt-able
and it has that woven shimmer that is just plain magic
and we were ready to talk about this next version of the new pattern
I asked her if she could leave
block unquilted
you know.
and that is when
this version of the quilt
became my favorite
now, don't get me wrong
the Indah Solids are lovely saturated deep crisp colors
it's good to connect with our projects
to slow it down just a little bit
even if it is
and everything that comes with all of that

it's good to stitch our hopes and dreams and core values and beliefs
into our projects
one stitch at a time

to tie it all together,
the binding for this quilt
was attached to the back, and folded over to the front
and stitched down using
"natalie's quilted binding"
(look for detail photo on the instragram feed)

as this is our last new pattern post, we're going all out.
we will be giving two select bundles of
two select bundles of
Indah Solids
we'll also be giving away
two bundles of select
Heavy Metal and Artisan Cottons
and it's all thanks to these wonderful fabric companies!

leave me a comment below
telling me whether you are a
"solid" or "artisan"
how you connect with your projects
are you hand quilting?
doing more applique?
are you embroidering your quilt labels?

ps - we'll be at Quiltin' Cousins this coming weekend
for the 
we'll be signing books
with Buddy-Dog
come say hello!!!

(I read a great disclaimer the other day on a giveaway.
It said, "I don't get paid, I'm not sponsored, or licensed or any of the likes"
It said, "the opinions expressed are my own"
it said, "other than the fabrics so generously provided by the fabric companies,
the rest is just me"
well, it sortof said that.
kindof like that...)


quiltzyx said...

I think maybe I'm an "artisan" more than a "solid". Lately I've been doing more art quilts than traditional quilts, so my connection is my design. I do as little handwork as possible because my hands don't like to do that and yell at me if I do.
The more I look at this one, the more I like it!

scottylover said...

I think I am a more solid with my quilting. I tend to follow the instructions as written and not make alterations to how something is made.

I do hand quilt when possible, but connect with the other projects by being creative with my fabric choices and quilting. If it is a project for a specific person, then I pick fabrics and a pattern that they would like.

Sandy A

mascanlon said...

Trying hard to move out of my comfort zone both in pattern and color. I just love this binding technique Natalie.

alicuz quilts said...

I love the artisan fabric. But would be thrilled to get either. I just hand embroidered a label for a quilt for my father and loved doing it. Can see more handwork in my future. Curious to try hand applique.

Cecilia said...

I'm an "artisan". I love color and patterns. I enjoy hand quilting and other handwork. I love your quilt.

Darnell Wailehua said...

An artisan, beginner quilter. love to work with colors, the alchemy is gorgeous. I am a machine quilter although Iam able to hand quikt. would be honored to win.

Quilting Tangent said...

Artisan, trying to learn machine quilting. Alchemy is a beautiful collection. Connected to quilt by hand piecing 2 queen size tops.

Jennyfer said...

This is a beautiful quilt. I am a solid and love hand quilting!

Anonymous said...

I am a solid. I am amazed by what some people come up with,
paweis at yahoo dot com

Laura T said...

I have changed recently. My new love of cottons are solids. I especially love this new pattern! What really attracted me is the serenity of the pattern and solid colors. It provides peace. I would love the opportunity to participate- thank you!

jinsnapp said...

I am more of an artisan. I'm a newbie and do as much by machine as possible. I stitch my labels on my machine, as well. Thanks!

DeborahGun said...

Oh wow - I love artisan - bright colours and prints really appeal to me. But your solids quilt is gorgeous too - the solids with the grey background is so effective. I love hand quilting and sometimes add a bit of embroidery to my quilts to add the personal touch, but am not great about making labels for my quilts!

Eleana said...

Solids would be awesome, I can see a modern quilt in the making and my 1st

Anonymous said...

I think I'd be called an artisan more than being a "solid."
I hand quilt most of the time; although it takes me a lot longer to finish a project!

Dianne said...

I think I'm more of an artisan. I've been doing a lot more machine quilting lately, but I do some hand quilting. I enjoy appliqué , also. Sometimes, I print my labels on a printer.

Lynn Douglass said...

If it's fabric, I love it! I have been in the mood lately, to do something with solids. Thank you for the generous give away and for designing great patterns!

GranChris said...

I've been into solids lately but I love both. I don't hand quilt anymore except sewing down the binding and I have to hand make my labels. That is special to me.

PK Sews said...

I love the look of solids and modern lines in other people's quilts, but I like to work with textures and color variations. I wouldn't call myself a "solid" quilter either. I like to experiment, sometimes with not the best results. But sometimes I have "I love it!" moments. And I love doing appliqued and embroidered labels. Thanks for the great question. I'm enjoying reading the other comments. And thanks for the great giveaway!

Ali said...

leave me a comment below
telling me whether you are a
"solid" or "artisan"
how you connect with your projects
are you hand quilting?
doing more applique?

I'm an artisan although I'm working more with solids these days..

I'm also doing more hand quilting, and working on a Dear Jane quilt, which is giving me the chance to do that, and applique, and vary my piecing techniques to make something very personalized for myself.

Janet M said...

I am 'artisan' but resolved to use more solids - there are so many to choose from now! I love the look of hand quilting but can't do it anymore - my hands won't cooperate.

Jessica said...

I am more artisan, but either would be a blast to work with. I don't really connect with my projects. The most connection I get is by choosing my fabrics and my pattern. I guess I am boring. ;) powersjlc (at) gmail (dot) com . Thanks for the chance.

Erin Ellis said...

I am an artisan all the way. I get connected to each piece that I work on - and I do machien work as well as hand-stitching. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I love all fabric, but lately I am definitely more "solid". And I am doing more applique, trying out new techniques. Thanks!

Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

Kathryn said...

Lately I've been trying some solid projects, but still love pattern. I've been trying to get more color combinations that are out of my comfort zone.

Jodi said...

Love the solids, and need more in my stash. I hand sew labels on my quilts, and I've been making the binding using a continuous bias binding tutorial from McCalls web site.

Sally said...

I have only been quilting a year but love it. I know of little piece of me goes with each quilt I make. I'm surprised that I have begun to prefer solids over prints. I machine quilt but haven't tried appliqué.'s on my to do list. I label a quilt by
embroidering in a corner.

anna brown said...

I am an artisan pleasee.....but your solds are changing my mind

Anonymous said...

Love the solids, have been trying to use more, along with the subtle shot cottons. Don't do much hand quilting anymore, but using it as an accent is very satisfying. I usually hand-write my labels on fabrics that relate to the quilt, framing them into little blocks before appliqué ng them on.
Susan in Dublin
Sgrancio at comcast dot net

Anita said...

I have been an artisan, but am tending to be more and more a solid. I have done quite a lot of machine applique, but only a little bit by hand. I mostly machine quilt, doing it by hand takes so much time... I have had made my own custom labels that I sew on to my quilts by hand.

Carol said...

I think I'm an artisan. I did some applique and a bit of embroidery on a quilt I made years ago but I just got back to quilting last year and haven't done any of that work since. I've been making my labels out of an extra quilt block.

Sowing Stitches said...

Natalie, I always enjoy your posts!They bring such inspiration and today laughter... :)
I'm a solid or artisan?...I would say a SolidArtisan! Artisan would be closer to the truth, I always begin with great intentions, beginning with patterns and everything, yet end with running down creative bunny trails to make unique, original quilted 'somethings'. :) I call myself a longarm freestyle quilter...reality, I hand quilt everything as I don't have a machine.

Anne said...

What a beautiful fabrics! Artisan is def my thing. I connect to quilts by quilting them by hand (love the slow going process) and the fabrics must 'fit' me. Thanks again for a great chance to win!

CarolZ said...

If I have to choose, today I'm going to say Artisan. I also love machine quilting with my new supermachine, but some days are just handwork days. I used to do all my bindings by hand, because my machine couldn't get the stitching straight. ...But this new machine has skills!

Jen Beatty said...

I'm more Artisan than solid, but I do like solids. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a solid gal & am in awe of the striking contracts that can be achieved. I've recently fallen back in 'like' with hand embroidery that I did when I was a young girl. Thanks for the drawing opportunity.
sbecker at oaklandcorp dot com

Carol said...

I'm more 'artisan' than solid but with all the gorgeous solid colours that are available now, I'm definitely becoming a solid collector. I don't do handwork but I can appreciate what others do.

Cynthia Knapp said...

I am more artisan, I'd say. I love playing with colors. I put them together by machine quilting. I'm still new at that, but practicing to improve. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. cknapp3626(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

Carrie P. said...

I am an artisan. I love working with prints even when I do hand applique.

Carrie P. said...

I am an artisan. I love working with prints even when I do hand applique.

Gill said...

More artisan I'd say!
I love to do a little hand stitching on my projects!

Chris Matsche said...

I love to work with solids. Also I do some hand quilting, but I am trying to learn machine quilting. Would love a chance to win.

Vicki H said...

Since I don't have too many solids yet, I am an artisan. The more I see solids used, the more I am liking them. When I started quilting I hand quilted all of my quilts, but I with machine quilting, I can make more quilts.

Katy M said...

Artisan all the way! I like to add hand embroidered elements to my quilts, at leat a label, sometimes a little embroidered name or motif x

barbara woods said...

i love to change things, so i guess a artisan

Denise said...

I am just really getting into this solids movement. They are appealing to me. And I am taking the speed out of my sewing more and more, so the hand quilting is fitting my mind set.

Anonymous said...

Artisan but as I see more solid fabrics made into quilts I am anxious to give one a try!

Connie Cain said...

Artisan for sure, but also like a sprinkling of solids also. :)
Have not tried hand quilting, but would like to one of these days.

Beth said...

Mostly solids, but some days artisans...I think it depends on my mood, or perhaps the weather. :) I am connecting to my quilts and my creative process more these days by acknowledging that for me, the joy comes from maintaining creativity throughout the construction of the quilt, which means that I don't simply pull the fabric (which is always a joy) and then follow a pattern--no matter how inspired the designer was. I need to continue to make creative decisions until I make my last stitch, which has resulted in much more improvisation, some unexpected results, and leaps of faith. Still, the end results look more like "me", feel more like gifts of love, and reflect my feelings for the person for whom I'm making them--even if they are charity quilts, they still somehow dance with love and enthusiasm in a way I don't think they did before. I just have to trust. And head out on the path.

klstitches said...

Artisans for the most part, but I have been using more solids lately! I always embroider my quilt labels, I include my name, city, and the year finished. It adds a wonderful touch to the back. The label is pieced right into the back before it is quilted. Keep up the great work Natalie!!!

Vicki Price said...

Definitely artisan. I name all my quilts and label them, as I would a painting. Generally, I start with an intriguing print and build the design around it. I may use solids if they fit, but the ideas are driven by the color, style and esthetic of the prints.

L Finney said...

Solids! I hand bind everything, just could never get machine binding to look the way I wanted.

natalie. beyond the reef said...





Nancy said...

I think today I am a solid --those are beautiful!