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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Buddy Barnes

Buddy Barnes

"The value of things is not the time they last
but the intensity with which they occur.
That is why there are unforgettable moments...."
Fernando Pessoa

if you are a pet owner
or a dog lover
you know
every dog you own is the best dog you have ever had 
you love them
and they are a part of your life

they are family

 they are happy with you, and enjoy every event you attend with them

 they do have their own friends

and always have time for some "full tilt boogie" with those friends

between taking their human for a walk

 they also know when it's time to soak up the warmth of the day

and are always willing to help with anything their family might need from them

 it's a tough job for a dog, taking care of their pet human
but they wake up every day, over and over again, happy to do it
love, work, care, smile, sleep

beginning with love
always beginning with love
let's face it
our four legged family members
give so much to us and ask so little in return
which why it is so easy to give them so much and do so much with them

on December 9, Buddy earned his angel wings
too soon, too quickly, and too unexpectedly

 during the time he was here with me as my family
he took care of me as many times as I took care of him
and for that I am forever grateful

the best way I can honor his life
is to share with you a few things that Buddy taught me while he was here

"home" - have an anchor or a place
(find a place in the sun, the end of a runner, your own spot in the room)

"health" - be sure to get your exercise every day
(say hello to another person you pass on the sidewalk)

"humble" - be accepting of everyone
(greet everyone with a smile, stand tall, and wag your tail - adjust as required)

"happy" - smile.  a lot.  smile
(have enthusiasm for what awaits - greet your family with pure joy.  always.)

"heart" - be sure to get your rest - be thoughtful and quiet as required
(take just a few minutes to sit in the sun each day - exercise - live with joy
sit quietly - humans call it "meditation", dogs call it "heart")

 Kristin Van Ogtrop, editor of Real Simple magazine
said it in a way that touched me deeply

"....and when we are feeling particularly sad,
we comfort ourselves with this thought:
when we go to that big house in the sky,
he will be sitting in the doorway,
waiting patiently
to welcome us home."

in loving memory of
Buddy Barnes
12/2008 - 12/2015

Woods Humane Society

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Janet said...

Oh, Natalie, I am SO sorry for your loss. Buddy had a wonderful life with you.

Jodi said...

ohhh. soo so sorry. thanks for sharing Buddy with us.

Z Any Mouse said...

Very sweet post for Buddy, and the pictures are great. He will be missed, but remembered in the fondest way.

Karen Johnson said...

Beautifully and thoughtfully written

Karen Burns said... said that all so beautifully. Thank you for sharing. Big hugs to you

Beth said...

Oh, Natalie, I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing some of your tender memories of Buddy with us.

We lost our dog Teddy unexpectedly on December 6th. Heaven must be an especially warm and loving place these days.

with love to you--
xxx Beth

Nancy Sue said...

What a wonderful post to end my day on. Thank you . … and thank you Buddy! He had one of those faces that you find in illustrations in children's books!

Denny1600 said...

So sorry about your Buddy. You honored him well with your writing and photos. He will live with you forever in your heart. I hope to see you at Road to Californis. Please take care and I hope you have a good show.

jackiero said...

Absolutely love your Buddy Barnes tribute Natalie.
It taken me a few days to be to write this, Buddy has been my long-distant pet through you.

Jinger said...

Anyone with furbabies who have passed feel your pain and grieve with you Natalie. What a lovely tribute to your wonderful Buddy.