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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Road to California Countdown Giveaway - DAY 5

it's another giveaway!

Road to California Countdown

this post is's time to remind you about 
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f

the first thing to remember about "us" is this
when I say "we"
it's because I truly believe we all get there together
we are the sum of our parts
and for me that includes so many people...
I just wouldn't have made it to the finish line for "Road"
had it not been for a group of very good hearted quilters
from the 
Long Beach Modern Quilt Guild

thank you Francesca, Kim, Zina, Tami and Deb
we're also going to have demos in the booth
Road to California
we'll be posting about that too
(see what I mean about the "we"???)
you'll see the projects the MQG team made
and you'll even meet a few of these folks!

confirm you are following us on Facebook, and Instagram and Pinterest
when you leave your comment
(please let us know you've signed up on those sites)
(did you know that kind of thing is a really important reflection of our business image?)

(five new beyond the reef patterns!!!)

and please answer the following question
do you go to your favorite website for tutorials
or do you immediately search you tube
or do you go to your local quilt shop for help?

we want to hear from you!!!
please comment

fine print:  shipping to US addresses only for this series
all seven winners will be announced on Wednesday 20 January 16

is proud to be a sponsor at the Road to California quilters conference

we will be in booth 312/314
and we'll see you on Thursday
(it takes a team to make it happen - workers, helpers, and housesitters!!)


Janet said...

I'm in! Love the new patterns!

Jinger said...

Hi Natalie,

I follow you on Bloglovin', FB, IG, and Pinterest. I tend to go to my favorite websites for tutorials. Youtube is difficult because I have slow internet and I don't have a close LQS.

alicuz quilts said...

Hello all. Great see my fellow Long Beach Midern Quilt Guild members helping out. I will ask my fellow guild members, LQS and bloggers for help. I follow Beyondthereefpatterns on IG and FB.

Robin T said...

I usually look up how to videos on YouTube of particular quilt teachers. I follow you on Instagram and Pinterest. Your new patterns look interesting.

anna brown said...

I go to my favorite blog or my magazines Or youtube................

Denny1600 said...

Tutorials or a book. YouTube is too slow. Quilt shop too far and no guarantee they have the time or know-how to help with my goofy idea.

Cecilia said...

I follow you on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It really depends on what the technique is that I need help with and the time of day or night when I need the help. I like to take classes, but sometimes it's late at night when I need the help and I will go to you tube or a blog.

QuiltShopGal said...

I certainly find inspiration for projects by following a variety of blogs, but I also find inspiration from shops, both physical and online. And, of course, I find inspiration from quilt shows including quilts exhibited and vendors. Definitely looking forward to seeing your booth.

And, QuiltShopGal follows you via all the social media tools you post to.


Diana said...

I liked you on Facebook. I follow lots of blogs, may "google " it and also ask for help at a local quilt shop. For me the more choices and ways to do things is the best. Sometimes I need different ways of learning, but I'm more of a visual learner.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Evette Barry said...

Hi Natalie - I follow your blog and also your fb feed. I appreciate the 'we' in your team! My go-to for help is my team of quilty friends. I also archive my fav blog posts and they are my back up plan. Sometimes I just need to pull up a good blog post and take my time working through a particularly trying quilty issue.

jackiero said...

This isn't a straightforward answer and depends on the project. If I'm working on a pattern that has the designers name, website, etc I go there first to research. Next to the designers FB page. If that fails, on to a goggle search. If my problem is a basic quilt problem, I go to my own book library (feeling blessed about my library, plus I taught classes for years).
Follow Natalies blog by email & FB.

Dianne said...

I follow you on Facebook. My biggest source of help & inspiration is my local quilt guild, Heartland Quilters in Elkhart, IN.

Leah said...

I usually head to search Google for online tutorials....

Leah said...

I usually head to search Google for online tutorials....

Patty Flynn said...

Usually friends. If that doesn't work, online tutorial or utube I guess
Follow on facebook

Linda Berwaldt said...

I follow you on Facebook, and to answer the question, I do all three.

Art2wear said...

Books, google etc. I follow on Facebook.

LoveSewHard said...

I follow on all three locations plus bloglovin. I go to my favorite blogs for my tutorials. There are so many great quilting blogs with awesome tutorials that I sometimes spend hours searching them! Thanks for the giveaway!

klstitches said...

Hmm, it depends on what I am doing. I love following blogs, like yours, read books, visit my local quilt shop... I take adult ed quilting once a week, therefore my teacher is an amazing resource. Also my quilting buddies are the best!!! I follow beyond the reef on Bloglovin, Instagram, and FB.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Thank you everyone for following and for the good idea comments! I let the Road to California helpers vote on comments....they loved hearing from you too!!!

Jackiero is the winner of this giveaway!!! Please email me or send me a note from the website link....