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Sunday, March 27, 2016



Spring.  Passover.  a Promise.

it's one of those things
I've done since I was a kid

my mother and I stood side by side in the church choir
Halleluja Chorus
from sunrise service to pancake breakfast

one year I rode my horse to the top of the mountain
for the community service

these days, I walk to the bay alone and watch for the sun to rise
today, the neighbors joined me
and we sat in silence
there was a heavy overcast
and sunrise never came
we just sat in

but as I was walking home
I realized something

regardless of whether we could see it
the sun actually did rise
there was indeed a sunrise

the promise remains

as quilters, we know this better than anyone else
we look at a stack of fabrics
or a basket full of scraps
and we see the finished quilt

so this year, I am reminded that whether or not you can see it
or believe it
each new day brings a bright and shining promise of a life well lived

Passover stories will continue to be told
Easter will be celebrated
the garden will bloom and the shrubs and trees will produce each and every year
fabric will indeed turn in to quilts.


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Janet said...

Happy Easter - nice to see you post :-)

mascanlon said...

Happy Easter Natalie. I hope you found some moments of peace and joy today.