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Sunday, January 7, 2018

who is your hero?

who is your hero

this last week
I shed tears for the loss of one of my biggest heroes


Piper was, as Brian himself would say, the better half of a team
including Brian Edwards, at Cherry Capital Airport
performing multiple duties at the airport

but for me, performing only one duty
chief inspiration officer

Piper probably didn't write the posts.
Didn't research the inspirational quotes.
But I am sure that Piper did provide all of the inspiration
for every positive post that was ever written.

which brings me to my point.
who is your hero?
who inspires you?
and why?

today I had the pleasure of sitting in a room of quilters
working on blocks

and like watching Piper work with joy and commitment
each and every day
I watched each person in that room
work selfishly on Thomas Fire Quilt Relief quilt blocks
with a smile on their face, and the joy in their hearts
being stitched into each seam

who is your hero?
who inspires you?

more importantly.
who will you inspire?


for donations to airportk9, please visit their fb or instagram page

job well done, Piper.
rest easy now.

all photographs (and post) credit

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