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Sunday, March 18, 2018

On your "not to do" list

On your "not to do" list...

shorten your list

it was a goal I made at the beginning of the year
to post something "thoughtful" every Sunday
it seemed like it was "do-able"
just one small post a week
on a quiet day
just one.

(did you see how cool that was?  how the words made a flying geese?)

and in the course of two months, I have found a way to miss two weeks
of posts!

some times our to do list
becomes a big big thing
something we wake up to
and fall asleep thinking about
a big big thing

but tonight, yes, Sunday, yes, I'm writing to all of you
I am giving you permission
to shorten your list

to make a "not to do" list

to be a little kinder and more gentle with yourselves
to wake up excited for the day, and to fall asleep with a smile on your face
knowing you did everything you could
that day
to make it the very best day you could possibly have
(without measuring it by your to do list)

because we only get one - one day - every day
and then it is gone

so forgive me a post here and there throughout the year
and please....forgive yourself

if there are still dishes in the sink
because you read three books to your grandkids this afternoon
because you planted spring bulbs
because you cleared the snow from your neighbors walkway
because you (gasp) took a nap with a book on your chest

it's all a matter of perspective
(did you see what I did there with the dump truck photos?)

there are lots and lots of books published right now
on simplifying

let's start with our to do list

and move some of those critical items to our 
'not to do'

please leave us a comment below - what will you put on your
'not to do'