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Monday, December 9, 2019

Holiday Memories - Janome to the rescue!

Holiday Memories

Janome to the rescue!

by Natalie Barnes of beyond the reef

The Holidays are for making Memories.
Just that.

You might be thinking, you don't have time to sew during the Holidays.
But I assure you, you do.
Just a few minutes a day, and you'll be ready for the Holiday family event.

Here's a simple project - and an idea for you.
Sprinkle some "albumn blocks" on your table, include Micron pens
and let your guests sign their name and leave a sentiment for the Holiday.
Everyone knows I love string blocks.
I've chosen them once again for this project, because they're achievable
and don't take a lot of quilting math!!  (smirk)
When you are done, you will be left with a stack of lovely blocks 
with the names and notes
from all of those that you love, and shared time with during the Holidays!!
Choose a color scheme - red and white, red and green and white, silver and blue.
Grab some fabrics from your stash.
Head to the hardware store and get some painters masking paper - 6".
You'll need lots of bobbin thread, so grab the Aurifil for this project - a neutral light grey.
You'll want a 6-1/2" square ruler, a cutting mat and rotary cutter, some snips
to one side of your Janome
and an ironing mat, and your Oliso travel iron sitting to the other side.
Because I sew on the HD-3300, I can set it up anywhere.  
So I set it up by the tree and turned on the lights
sewing to the sparkle!!!
Cut random width strips, trimming ends - between 1 - 2 inches.
Cut a stack of 6" squares from the masking paper - your foundation.
Place white, or the fabric you've chosen for the signature of the block, 9" strip,
in the center from point to point,
right sides up.
Select your first color strip, and trim it to a length just past the foundation paper.  
With right sides together, stitch together and give a quick press open with your iron.
Repeat until one side of the paper is covered.
Then cover the other side of the paper and you have completed your block!
Remember, you can chain piece the strips!!  
The Janome HD-3300 is fast, and makes quick work of this project!  (zoom zoom)
(the perfect setup!)
Give the blocks a good pressing, and trim to 6" square.
You are DONE!

And now for the magic.
Yup.  I buried the lead.
Sprinkle these blocks 
down the center of your table, 
making them part of the centerpiece!
Add some Micron pens, and ask your guests to sign while they are dining.

So, remember, Holidays are about the Memories.
Capture those memories with a quick stack of Albumn Blocks
easily string pieced
and ready for your Holiday Dinner or get together!



mascanlon said...

What a good idea Natalie. I may be able to get some done for Christmas brunch! And heavens knows I have

natalie. beyond the reef said...

They are fast to make - and can be made 15 minutes at a time, here and there! And no quilting math to remember.

Dorothy said...

Love this idea and you---I am taking this to my neighbors who have a "Chili Tamale Party" on Christmas Eve for friends and neighbors. After 6 years I think they need "signatures" to commerate the fabulous party they throw every year.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

GREAT idea-and you'll find more info on pens, on our instagram post.

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