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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit." Peter Ustinov aka aloha moderne quilt kit

Love.  Habit.  A tender look.  The habit of a tender look.  Of love.

What wonderful words.

I hadn't be
en to my Quilt Guild meeting in years.  I had been to plenty of quilt shows - as a vendor for beyond the reef - but not my own Guild's monthly meetings.  So I decided to meet two women from my Friendship Group, have dinner,a nd then join them at the Guild meeting.

I thought to myself, 'will I know anyone'?  This is the habit part.  Well, of COURSE I knew people!!!  It's the quilting community.  Love.  Habig.  A tender look.  People came to thank me for things I had sent them (from our website - or from an email  Others called out my name.  People said hi.  I sat in a seat someone had saved for 'someone'.  Hey, I was SOMEONE!!

It was the night that one President stepped down and another took over the job of leading the Guild.  The President stepping down was also in my Friendship Group.  'will I know anyone'...hah.  So my suggestion is to get used to a tender look - and become used to giving a te
nder look.  You never know what you'll find.  With a look.

On another note, speaking of b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f,  the picture above is from a look.  A look at a booth at Market last October that contained two amazingly talented women that make up Prints Charming in Australia.  Here are their fabrics, with a little linen, to make up the quilt (pattern and kit available at  Is that black and white and a little lime and green and  -  oh my gosh, linen?!????  Natalie, what are you THINKING?!???  I know, I know.  But it's still a riot of design, color and pattern.  I promise.  It's stil meeeee.  Lovingly quilted by Sally Inouye of Nipomo, California.  Thank you, Sally!!

a l o h a   m o d e r n e - 50 x 72

I hope you will visit our website somewhere along the way and check out products like this - and others - taht have come out of a
tender look - out of love.

Thanks for thinking of 
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f


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