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Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, ROAD TO CALIFORNIA is here!  Actually, it is day TWO of the show, and day THREE, I believe, for people taking classes.  But it is in full swing.  We knew it was really here when we walked to Rosa's for dinner - a tradition - and saw those blinking road signs directing people to alternate parking lots around the town.  Yep.  

And you know what else is here?  Our FRIENDS!!!! The people we greet each year with smiles and hugs and 'happy'.  I ran into the Quilt in a Day 'booth guy'.  You all know him as Eleanor Burns' son.  He greeted me with a nice hello, and then came up with open arms, saying, "That's right, you're the hugger, aren't you," and gave me a big bear hug. That's what this weekend is all about, don't you think?

Sure we have new designs for beyond the reef.  Sure we have all new fabrics.  Sure Rose Hughes (wow) will be our stunt quilter for the next two days, but it's the people.  It's the love.  It's the connection to others.  It's the spreading love.  (last blog - life is the act of loving)

This pic - this face - is new to our booth.  Come by and say hello to Vicki...the cash register can get the best of her, so come by and give her some LOVE!!

Speaking of love, here's a friend that came by to show us what she did with some of our Alexander Henry CANVAS.  We still have a little bit of this print left in the booth.  Yep,  they're printing on CANVAS.  And what a lovely job she did.  I don't know if you can see this in the pic, but she put crystals all over these flowers.  BEAUTIFUL JOB!!  And we're so glad she came by to show us her work.  

Here's another project...for more info on this one, go to the comments on the last blog.  These flying geese were set into our white on white cotton fabric and will be the baby quilt for her nephew and niece. Can you tell how happy Denise from Pasadena is about having to make this quilt?  So, Denise came back to us for the border, binding, backing....we can't wait to post the picture of the final quilt she is making for "Rojo" the redhead - - she's due on St. Patrick's day.  Daddy swears he saw red hair in the ultrasound...

Won't you come visit us this weekend?  Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, California.  

Sparkle and Shine.


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Denise Levenick said...

Wow, Natalie. Now this is mobile-blogging! Thanks for the pic. I will be sure to send along a photo of the completed project, but shhhh, don't tell Ryan!