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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PARIS IS BLACK AND WHITE (1 OF 2) aka: where do you get your "YOU"?

beyond the reef.


Come on.
No.  Really.  
Even better - for a long weekend - or a short week.  
Pick one.
But I did.  Yep.  
One day after road to california - one of our largest quilt shows.

Yep.  I really did.
But WHY, you must be asking yourself.
Because.  Really.  Because.
I am a designer.  I am an artist.  
Isn't that enough reason to spend days upon days walking the
 streets of Paris, visiting Museums, buildings, taking photographs, soaking up displays, design, history, architecture, LIFE?!???

Where do we get our inspiration?  I don't mean our inspiration for just one project.  
I don't mean the one thing we're working on at the time.  I don't mean for the job at hand.  
When I say 'Where do we get our inspiration,' I mean our INSPIRATION.  
The thing that makes us.  
You know.  Who you are.  Your GUT.  Your YOU.

What makes us who we are?  What fills the jar called Natalie? (or Bob or Susan - insert your own name...please) 

Okay, let me try it a different way.  

When you're in the middle of a project, you think, you sketch, you go to color.  Okay?  So far so good.  But WHERE do you go for that?  "My brain, Natalie.  Don't be silly."  Okay.  But what fills your brain?   We are made up of all the events of our lives.  We store all of our visual stimulus.  Our cells absorb our environment.

So I want to go to places that I can absorb.
Light.  Texture.  Pattern.  Sound.
(is sound black & white or color)

And I want to be with people that are worth absorbing.

Their Light. 
Their Pattern.
That have Texture.

So that when I am ready to call upon my brain,
my jar filled with the sights and sounds and imprints on my life,
I will have much to draw from.

So, yea.
With my jar FILLED.
(next blog - Paris is Color)

I dare you.

Go someplace 
"out of your box"
"fill your jar"...

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