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Friday, February 27, 2009

Try another COLOR for a while...aka creativity break!

I have had many an inquiry, 
"Are you okay?"
"Have you been gone?"

Well, actually, I have been gone.  Please read the next two blogs to catch up.  I promise I will make them short...and then we'll be back to our regularly scheduled inspiration. 
 I promise.  
Please don't give up on me just yet.

I didn't realize....

"HERE I AM!!!"  I shout out to all of you - wow.  ALL of you - across the globe.  THank YoU!!

Without delving into personal matters here, I have been a little 'off my game', 'under the weather', and all that. 

So this week, I gave myself permission to sew something left over from my stash - a kit I bought from another vendor at a quilt show, a little something NOT beyond the reef.  Because you probably DO know that I have a hard time slowing down, being laid up, sitting still, I have to devise ways to 'fool' myself into sitting.
Wait.  Back to the color theory talk...

Oh my gosh, you might ask - - what is she SEWING??? 
 Well, sometimes, to rest my brain, I jump ship as the saying goes.  
I switch it up.  
I sit and sew nine patches for no good reason.  
I work out of color
But before you know it, my brain starts dancing with brights!!!  Try it.  Deprive yourself of your own palette - work out of your comfort zone (atho I do like primitive and I do like historical) and you'll run screaming back to your last known project.  I promise.  It will happen.  You'll gladly pick up that last square of applique.  You'll gladly finish that quilt with blocks made from 54 pieces each block.  You will...

And now that I have sewn these squares, well, I'm over it.  They're being donated to my Guild for the Little Red Hen auction fundraiser.  No, I do not need another old world colors quilt...and I'm ready to start designing and sewing and working in my own palette again.  All the while I was piecing four squares and half square triangles, I was looking down - checking out the fabrics in the basket under the sewing machine.  (I sew on an industrial bernina, but that's a blog for another day)  It started calling me - no, not calling me, not a whisper but a full blown altogether full force, 
So, let me get back to work.  I'll post the next two blogs and let you all be.
Besides, there's COLOR calling me now...

Thanks for thinking of 
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f


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