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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PARIS IS COLOR (2 of 2) aka:how do you give your "YOU"?


This is Paris color. 
I received a paper bag of these macaroons
as a gift.

So lovely, I couldn't eat them.

So I grabbed the branches I had collected 
in the streets
and made my own still life with food.

Okay, then I ate a few.
Okay, then I ate all of them.
And this is how my friend gave their "YOU"
to me.

Here is more color.
Each night would  be another walk through another neighborhood.
To a grocer.
When was the last time your grocer looked like this?
This is how the grocer, that I may never see again,
gave his "YOU" to me.

Peugeot Concept Car.
In the showroom. On a street.

One of my favorites.
A flower shop.
Paris really is color.  Bright, subtle, tonality.

And while this bright palette, or the shop display above is more the color intensity in which I work,
I think it's good to work out of your own palette every once in a while.
Stop thinking only in terms of yourself.
Give your "YOU".

Thanks for thinking of

sparkles and shine


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1 comment:

Jill said...

Thanks, Natalie, for giving your YOU to me. A slice of Paris in color and black and white. Perfect for a chilly, damp night. I am warmed up. Ready to sparkle and shine again.