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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where's Natalie? aka Kit KONTEST!!

Where's Natalie?????

While I'm on the road, and "the Vickster" is holding down the fort at the studio,
I thot I'd challenge you all.
you know, beyond the reef
becomes a shop
 at a quilt show

So I started thinking while I was driving, driving, driving...

If you can guess the locations (in general, of course) of these four photos, and you are the first to post those locations in the comments,  (with your email)  I will contact you and send you a free "Happy Hour" kit with Alexander Henry prints!!

Here they order...
Good luck!!

Happy hunting...



ravening_rose said...

Hey Natalie, do you want to know where you were along the 5 exactly... I'd say those blooming trees are close to Crows Landing, The Grapevine is pictured, as is the hills around Patterson. You'd have to start off on 145 for the barnyard. Curious to find out if I am close... and I love that you took in the sites along the way. Thanks for sharing. ~Rose

Jane said...

Since you are soooo close, come on up to Weed while you are on the road...
Jane StP

Anonymous said...

No idea where they were taken, but beautiful shots nonetheless!! Must have been a wonderful road trip!!!

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Well, folks, looks like, of all people, ravening_rose is the winner of our Happy Hour quilt kit!!
Congratulations, Rose.
Please email me your address and I will send your FREE gift for your participation.
It was a wonderful drive - so diverse.
Thanks for playing along - -