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Monday, March 16, 2009

Looking in; Looking out (a new perspective)

...did you notice? it's starting to 'spring'...We all spend so much time looking in.
Wondering. Thinking. Figuring.

We all spend so much time trying to better ourselves.
Trying to figure it all out and get it right.

Be right.
Be better.

Looking inward.
Looking in.
In my living room, I have four lounge chairs around a large round low table.
All around the table - looking in.

The other day, it was so nice out,
and I noticed the sun was streaming through the wall of windows in the living room...
I grabbed the chair closest to the window wall and I turned the whole dang thing around.
There it was - - one chair out of the whole group - - facing out...looking out.
I sat down, put my feet up on the windowsill, and drank in the view.
...a whole new view.
...a whole new perspective.
...not from looking in, but by looking OUT.

I say we all start the next day by NOT looking inward, by NOT concentrating on ourselves.
But by looking out.
If you're working on a project right now, turn it upside down.
If you're on the road, take a highway that will get you there but that isn't your regular path.
(Jill - "always go a different way")
If you're always in the garden, come into the house.
If you're always in the house, go for a walk.
If you always applique, rotary cut a bunch of squares and spend an afternoon piecing a quilt top for charity.
If you have been spending all of your time and energy on yourself, or trying to discover something about yourself, stop.
Turn your chair around.

thanks for thinking of
b e y o n d t h e r e e f


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