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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How do you Play? aka: remember the slinky

How do you play?
This has become very important to me.
And it should be important to you as well.
Because a life in balance - well, enough said, right there.
Just that, as Julian would say.

I just finished reading an article in American Lifestyle magazine,
"The Way We Were; The Way We Played"
About the slinky.  Mr. Potato Head, and the Slip 'n Slide.
Remember those?
Every day has it's toy.  It's play.  And it seems way too complicated in today's world.
Insert cable, plug this into that, power up.
It doesn't have to be much - - really - - lessons from the dog - - even a ball found washed up on the beach - - 
The hose.  
(okay, okay, I know - - water conservation and all that - - so, if you water the lawn, do it in your shorts and squirt your neighbor, or your son or daughter, or something to make it play-ful)
The point is to PLAY.
Don't exercise, go run around in the park; PLAY.
Don't cook, have Girls' Night.
Don't go to a business seminar, have a Slumber Party.
Give yourself permission to Play.
Check out Rose Hughes' blog.  They have a day every week in which they try new things.
Take life down a notch.
Smile.  Laugh.  Sing.  Whistle.
I heard someone - an expert - on the morning business news.
He was profound.
Wanna know what he said?
He said that the one thing that was a proven fact, was that EVERY recession we have ever had.....
has ended.
Well, there you have it!!!!
Smile. Laugh. Sing. Whistle.
Take life down a notch.
Relax and Play.

And if you have read the blogs in the past, you know I am the one to encourage you to use a different color.
Make something with a different technique.
Make a nice tidy block and take your rotary cutter to it and make it something new.
Go to a local quilt show - flower show - kite festival - car show.
They're all gonna be cheaper than a movie, drink, popcorn, candy and dinner.
And probably more healthy - walk the quilt show, kite festival, car show.
But most of all, make sure you take the time to get out.
Get out.  Get going.  Get.

(moondoggie at his finest...frisbee!!!!!)

Thanks for thinking of 
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f

sparkle and shine


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