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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Manly Man and the Quilt Show

Being a Manly-Man takes work.
It means you have a code of ethics, you (almost) never get mad, you do what is right, respect your grandmother, take her to Costco for hot dogs even tho you don't like the place, 
and you know what weekend

No, really.
(I know, you've heard this saying before, if you have asked us to email you personally)

I have a friend who is this rare breed of a Manly-Man.
He definitely has a code of ethics.  He works his butt off all week long and just wants to sit quietly (for a while) on a still body of water and fish on a good weekend away.
Or surf.
Or raft down some river rapids somewhere.
Or travel - camp mostly.
He has his own tools.  Knows about tires and how to get them on a truck. 
Don't get me wrong.  He also loves a party, appreciates beautiful women, and knows how to drink a beer.
Okay, you get the picture.

but maybe not....

He was with his mom the other day, and his mom said, 
"This week is the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach".
"No, it's not," he said.
"Yes, it starts this week - isn't Natalie attending that show," she asks?
"Mom, it's not this week," he continues.
He gets out his cellphone and goes to the calendar.
"Mom, it's next week, really, I know when the Quilt Festival is..."
"Oh, you know what, you're right.  It's the quilt run this weekend,"
she finally realizes.

Really.  I couldn't make this stuff up.
But wait...(in memory of Billy M.)
You might have seen him and one or the other of his friends 
(who also wear baseball caps and drive trucks) 
at a show, in our booth.
Carefully folding words tees or arranging tote bags or stacking bundles.
"Is this a fat quarter bundle?  Oh, no wait, these are one yard cuts, aren't they."
So you know what comes next, right?

We go to the warehouse, and he walks in, looks around, and says,
"Wow.  We really have a lot of fabric right now."

I hope you'll come see us at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach.
Because it takes "all kinds" to make this show a success.
It takes fork lift operators, promoters, teachers, quilters, designers, sample makers, electricians,
cousins that are printers, great girlfriends, and
to make a great quilt show.

Hey, if it weren't for the truck driving, dog loving, beer drinking, get-it-done
manly-man friend of mine, 
his mother might have missed the show altogether!!!

I hope YOU won't miss the show.
Please come visit us Thursday 5-9pm, Fri/Sat 10-7 and Sun 10-3
at the Long Beach Convention Center
It only comes once a year...


Thanks for thinking of


Booth # 1227 between Aisles 1100 and 1200 


jaybird said...

it was great meeting you guys!! i'll be back for more laughs tomorrow!

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Come on back in for a visit!! We've enjoyed your company, and look forward to seeing you again -

Jane said...

I am with you in sprit! See you in October. Jane