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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A new day...a new opportunity!

Some days are just perfect days.  They start fresh, and new, and filled with anticipation.

In California, we don't really get 'weather' or seasons.  Well, we do have seasons here on the coast - drippy mornings, garden spider, beach chairs and tents, back to school - they are all seasons at the beach.

So, when yesterday, there were unstable clouds in the sky and the air was heavy with humidity, with a promise of a steamy day ahead, well, hULa and I got a frisbee and headed out.  The water was warm and there were people swimming the shoreline instead of running the shoreline.  And the clouds - there was rain coming from the clouds!  Summer showers!
What a treat.  The sage and the onions, the zucchini and the mint - - were all singing summer's praise.
It was a new day with plenty of opportunity. 
With the light as brilliant and as clear as it was, my mind got to work too.
I wanted to make a new quilt.  And, forgive me, not a beyond the reef quilt, but just a quilt for no reason.

So when opportunity calls, knocks or just blows in like an unexpected storm,
take advantage of the fresh look at things.



1 comment:

jules said...

when do i get to see pictures of this new project?... and thanks for the pics of hula! she is a total sweetheart.