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Monday, October 26, 2009

Is it already the past?


I just received a newsletter for the 2010 Glendale Quilt Show.

PIQF is already the PAST
How can this be?
Have we lost sight of the savour?
Have we forgotten that the quilts the like of which were at PIQF are not made in a day?
Did we forget we weren't sure if Pittsburgh would play New York?
It could have been Dodgers?
It could have been Angels?

Have our smiles faded just a bit since being with so many friends under one roof?
(yes, Pat, that IS your son)

And will we remember the "lessons learned"
big and small?

I know I speak of things that aren't always about quilting.
But I always think I speak in parallel.
I hope that what we share in a quilt show, in a quilt, in a project, in a weekend, in a gift, in a look,
what we take with us

carries us a long way

I hope that we are not so quick to leave it in the past.
I hope that we have not walked through our experience
so quickly
as to leave it behind,
but that we have walked through our experience
in a way that we can savour it
and carry it with us in our hearts
for a long time to come
calling on it
calling on that smile, that look, that quilt
when we need to remember
sparkle + shine



jaybird said...

its all about the phillies.. i can't believe you even posted a picture of that other team i won't talk about... but yes.. in the past.. many friends made & lessons learned... ;-)

natalie. beyond the reef said...

...the great thing about the past is that it can really open the door to the future!!! Thanks, J.