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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A different perspective


There are times when you need to change your outlook.
See things in a different light.


What does it take for you to see things in a different light?
An Ott Lamp?
A reducing lens?
Sometimes, when I'm working on a quilt, even putting it on a design board doesn't let me see the contrast, the comparison, the scale, the value, the color.
I will set it on the floor and climb up on a stool with my digital camera.
I'll take a pic.
I'll load it on to the computer.
I'll look at it - send it to friends for a critique.
Do you have friends that will give you honest input - constructive criticism?
Where do you go for a fresh perspective?

Here is beyond the reef
as you have never seen it before

A different perspective
will also give you a different perspective
on things.

Try it.
See what you see.



1 comment:

jaybird said...

simple.. clean... and focused. but still 100% natalie.