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Friday, December 11, 2009

All things...big and small...

California Rains....
They're the best.
They bring out the best in our world, don't they?
They clean, they refresh, they delight.

It gives us a lot of inspiration as quilters, too.
Colors are brighter, and we wake up refreshed to the possibility of making wonderful things for wonderful people.
Ways to keep warm, ways to bring in the cheer on a cloudy day.
Big projects.

But then, there are the small projects.

A coffee cup holder.
An eyeglass case.
Even coasters.
But still delightful.

All things, big and small, are gifts of ourselves, given with creativity and love.
And whether big or small, you can bet they will light up a persons life.
Including your own...

Sparkle + Shine


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1 comment:

jaybird said...

i heart the rain.. & even snow.. just not the wind... & too much snow... but it is nice sometimes to be inside... & look out & see how crazy things are outside... & sit back & relax.